Porn Empire is an adult game, business management with light RPG elements. Start as a small time porn producer and work your way up there to the top.
Pick up random girls around the city and make them pornstars.
Build your stats from doing different actions around the city.
Earn your money from amateur porn scenes.
Open company and start making niche websites.
Hire staff, buy new equipment, upgrade your house and manage your company.
Fully animated sex scenes.
Unique girls with unique abilities which serve your company.

v0.7 on Patreon + Changelog

Hey all. New version available over at patreon ->

You can find download to the free public version in the sidebar.

v0.7 Changelog


-New female and male haircuts.
-More female outfits.
-New breast shapes and sizes.
-More pube types.
-Updated outfits to fit new breast sizes.


-New special girl – Cop
-New FFM scenes – Go to studio, when status is “shooting”(from 14:00-15:00) open up the studio panel and click on “take a look” button. You have control over the scenes even if your main character is not in them.
-Outfit selection for your girls. Shoes, stockings, tops, earrings, necklaces…
-Right click on girls name in “Girls” tab and you have the option to add her to favorites. A little star will appear next to her name. You can also rename her to whatever you want and confirm with ENTER.
-Hotel’s girls list now show all data + image.
-Production scene is updated to show all the girl’s data.
-You can sort girls by last shot, last published scenes and specific attributes.
-Sex skills builds up for everyone not just the main character (+1 after 4 sex scenes)
-Kimberly(the special nurse girl), her effect changed from -STD chance to -50% for rehab time(surgery and drugs).
-Maya(the school girl from library) can now also be employed as your PA
-You can hire as many PAs as you want. There are 6 roles for them in your company. Trends & fans analytics, talent search, reports, and production for each studio floor.
-As you assign PA to a perticular floor new options open up. You can choose type of movies being made and some other settings.
-Alt girls appear more frequently in the park.
-Sex position selector
-Camera zoom in bedroom & office(With scroll wheel)
-Websites bring way more money (almost *3)
-Increase Beauty on girls. 1 week temporary bonus +10.


-Choosing Alice to be a pornstar sometimes crashed the game.
-Only 2 Actors were showing on the scenes tab, even if there were more in the scene.
-Studio production was charging the actors even if you already them.

New update v0.61 – Changelog

You can find the download link at Porn Empire – Patreon


0.61 Changelog


Some more female and male haircuts.

Pregnant bodies and some new outfits for preggos.

Different head shapes for more variety.

Few new backgrounds.


-New Studio area with multiple upgradable studios for production of movies. You can assign staff and equipment to them. (Director, camera and lighting are needed if you want to shoot in a studio)

-Male actors. You can only hire them through ads for now.

-Pregnancy event redone. You can now have sex with pregnant chicks, shoot porn and more…

-Bonuses are added to the base not summed together anymore. This means you can train yourself to 30 + all items and reach charisma 40. Same with girls.

-Browse net action changed from popup window to notificaton.

-Staff salaries are cut in half.

-Relaxing in park results in -2 strees, upgrading intellect and fitness no longer increases the stress.

-Girl popuarity has a limit based on her stats. For example low level girl cannot go above 20 points.

-Setting salaries in ads now has some colors which change based on the level/salary. Red price means very low probabilty of geting a reply,

yellow is better, green is around average and blue over. Number of responses are also based on the salary you set. It can also happen you get no mail even if you set the salary way up high.

-Level 5 actors are almost impossible to get via ads unless you overpay.

-Chemistry rewritten. Based on type of scene and partner’s characteristic

-Demo F, FF, FFM and MMF scenes. When studio has status “shooting” you can open the panel and take a look at the scene. It’s only one or two positions per type,

just so it isn’t empty. (FFM coming in 0.7). MF has all positions.

-Some balance tweaks. Everything is a little cheaper and you make slightly more money.

-Delete All mail button.

-Autosaves. At the beginning of each day. Do manual saves nontheless.

-Delete save games button.

+A lot of bugfixes

Upcoming Content

I’d like to steal some of your time and briefly talk about the upcoming PE versions ( v0.6x and interim, up to and including v0.7.)

There are a lot of things that weren’t supposed to initially be implemented, but content makes or breaks sandbox games. Writing is one thing, but actually implementing new content takes time if the game systems aren’t present. With this in mind, I need to create many new systems from scratch to accommodate future content development and this starts with v0.61. Players can expect to find staff management, multiple bedroom studios, room upgrades, assigning staff and equipment.

In v0.7, the voted animations will start to kick in (FFM), as well as new more complex girls (NPCs) that are more than glorified dialogues (as prototypes at first to gauge interest).

We also have a first batch of events (which split into 2 categories: short events and snippet events). Short events contain a conversation, an end result and (sometimes) animations, whereas snippet events are simple one line events that trigger and immediately produce a result. The short events will also start to roll out after a number of systems are implemented. The game needs to be populated and we are very aware of that, but it is very hard to do so without developing the tools for doing it.

New Update – v0.6 + Changelog

Download for patreons:

-Some new faces, haircuts and accessories.
-New options for male.
-New Backgrounds for the office.
-6 Special girls with some short stories. Most of them you can hire as a special staff member or a pornstar.
-Condoms. If you use a condom you cannot get STD or a girl pregnant. If you’re using it while shooting a scene there’ll be a small penalty.
-Stat bar stays open when switching scenes.
-Having fun with your employees reduce the stress by 1.
-You can choose the location of your sex scene.
-You can choose if the girl is clothed during a sex scene.
-You can send a girl to surgery. Costs some cash and 14 days of rehabilitation.
-Change the appearance of the girl. It costs some cash or free if you have a makeup artist employed.
-You can send a girl to rehab to get rid of her drug addiction.
-You can make a girl your girlfriend which will boost her quality and chemistry bonus for 10%.
-If high enough stats, girls will recieve a special bonus.
-New texts across the locations.

Few new backgrounds

New backgrounds are in the making, so here is one of them.

You will be able to have some fun in the office in the upcoming update.

0.51a Quick fix available

For patreons only. Go to patreon page and download a quickfix. It fixes some nasty bugs.


Fixed some bug that didnt show all the tits.

Tit fucking was not triggered.


If your sex skills & fitness are high enough, you can go round 2.

More cum stains.

New version! 0.51 for patreons + changelog

Download at


Art & Animations:

-Some new haircuts and outfits.

-New breast shapes.

-After cumshot, cum stays on the face or body.

-New animations. Few blowjobs, handjob, pussy licking, titfuck & footjob.

-Creampies! You can finish inside, you can finish outside and in certain positions directly on the face.

-New MF position, beach exclusive.

-If you missed the previous quickfix update, there are tons of new tattoos.

Gameplay changes:

-When you talk to the girl and ask for a name her characteristic will be shown. That way you can easily see if she’s a milf, teen or some other thing you can’t make out visually.

-Every upgrade was made cheaper.

-You now earn more money from a scene.

-Global trends have bigger impact on the scene popularity.

-Fans to subscribers ratio is increased, which means you’ll get more subs from uploading videos. Less grinding.

-You can hire a security guard now. He will help you with thieves, fights and other stuff. If you have a level 5 guard there will be no stealing.

Same if you have 2 guards(level 2 and a level 3 ). So 5 is the magic number. Everything lower than 5, stealing can happen but less will be stolen.

-You’ll get a message if your employee happiness drop under 20 and he/she will quit if happiness reach 0.

-Advertisment slider when uploading scenes now works again. It gives you maximum 200 popularity, but only if the scene is top quality.

-New button in overview tab ( FANS ) – You can see number fans by category. So you won’t open website categories in which you have no fans.

-You can get your dick sucked not just at home, but all around the city.

-Drinking in bar no longer add stress.

-Casual fucking around town lowers the stress.

-Milfs spawn more often in a bar and teens in a library. Every girl with schoolgirl outfit is a teen now.

-Every girl has a preferences now. So skin color, hair color, eyes color and favorite attribute(so fitness guy, smart guy,…)

This will come into play when picking them up and with scene chemistry. Not every girl has all 4 prefs, in fact there are rare.

Some like pale redhaired dudes with blue eyes, some latino guys, some just smart guys. You get the point.

-Your charisma att usually runs over above preferences if high enough. Picking up girls success rate will be higher. Does not come into play in scene chemistry.

-Your fitness att lowers the ammount of energy spend in some actions. Like shooting porn.

-Your intellect att affects the success of advertising your websites and scenes.

-Reminder, eventhough you have every fan in the boy-girl category(since it’s the only possible scene for now), boy-girl websites will not make more money than niche ones.

Since I change a lot of values and equations, some weird stuff could happen like having more fans in one category than total fans. It should correct itself after ending the day. Could also mess up the websites and subscribers.

0.5 – New art

Download for windows:

You can support the development of the game on

New Art and animations. MF only for now. As it was before + some more.

Girls tab with some more filter options.
Also names are colored based on their status.
-Green: Is already paid and available now
-Yellow: Doesn’t want to shot at your place OR 14 days haven’t past from the    last time her scene got published. You can still shoot with her if you meet the house requierements, just don’t publish the video right away cause you get some popularity penalty
-Red: She’s unavailable

You can now reverse the order in stats tab, so when you’re playing for a long time you don’t have to scroll for 10 minutes to get the desired data.

Movies tab also got some new filters for more control.

Girls have global popularity now. It’s a bonus thats added to the scene quality. It also influences her price per scene. More popular, more money she wants.
Popularity rises as you publish high quality scenes with her in it and drops through time and inactivity.

Complete redo of the trends system
All the trends are now listed and have a value between 0-100. They change daily. When shooting a scene, the average of all your scene categories are taken.
You cannot influence the trends(In the future you most likely will). You’ll need a personal assistant for trends to show. Low level PA can give you predictions that are way out there. That’s what you get for hiring dumb employees.

You can now have multiple websites, each with specific category. You can only publish scenes which have the same category.
As you become more popular the money you’re getting from posting videos on the internet starts do decrease(piracy hah), so the primary source of income are websites. You still have to upload “free” videos, so you’ll get more fans and with it more subscribers.

Eqiupment got 5 levels now and theres only cameras and lights. Bedrooms are now part of house improvements.

You can hire staff now. Buy the office at the store(yeah) and you can hire people now. Each of them has 5 levels. Everyone adds quality to the scene except helpers and web admins. I have not assign any meaningful role to them, so you can just not hire them for now. Level 1 employee gives you +10 quality, level 5 adds 50. They don’t do much else right now other than provide quality, but they will in the future.

Rework of the scene quality and popularity mechanics, so i can include staff factors as well. Some things now have bigger impact like girls and trends.

You can name your company now.

Some new cheats. On world map press
ctrl+1 – Add lvl 1 girl to your list
ctrl+2 – lvl 2
ctrl+3 – lvl 3
ctrl+4 – lvl 4
ctrl+5 – lvl 5