Game currently has no art.

It has badly drawn characters made by me, but the gameplay is there. Once some patreon goals are reached I will start hiring artists.

Version 0.4 available for patreons


You can see the screenshots here:

Download link at patreon(For Patreons only):

– Skip intro dialog with a mouse click
– Higher level assistant will find girls that are on your level and also more of them. Check mail every week.
– Higher level assistant has a higher chance of finding girls in line of the current trend.
– Low level assistant will be more likely to find wrong trends and fan demands.
– When placing an ad you can now choose specific category of girls you are looking for. It’s more expensive tho.
– You can buy drugs at the street.
– You can offer drugs to the girl. Based on her traits some will take it, some will refuse it.
Drugs boost scene chemistry and other stats. If she takes it enough times she’ll get an “Addict” trait.
This reduces her price by half, but her attributes will slowly decrease.
In coming updates she’ll be willing to do more hardcore stuff if drugged.

– On website tab you can now see predicted happiness for the next day. How much and from what.
– You can now rent a hotel room for a week ($500)
– At the hotel you can now see girl’s stats
– New location – Library
Move building intellect from park to library since it makes more sense
Study requierments are the same as reading in park
Chicks also spawn here and you can fuck them onsite

– A little redisign (not completely done, will see if anyone like it first)

-Cheats (  )

– Since more and more events are in the game (and more are coming), I had to rewrite the code for managing events. Make it more flexible,  easier and faster to add new ones.

Girl was still in hotel list even if she was deleted
Availabilty for certain girls was broken
Some minor bugs



Put in as your character name
Mr. Rocco – full stats and 10m bucks


if you want to fine tune:
be on the city map and press
ctrl+shift+c = +$10000
ctrl+shift+f = +1 Fitness
ctrl+shift+s = +1 Sex Skills
ctrl+shift+i = +1 Intellect
ctrl+shift+m = +1 Charisma
ctrl+shift+x = -1 Stress

Version 0.31 now available on patreon

– You can now permanently remove models from the list
– Models availability system
Girls have 6 days every month on which are unavailable for shooting
Some events can make model unavailable for longer periods

-Sorting for girls
You can now sort by name, time of meetup and stats

Fixed park animations and clothes
Fixed hotel animations
Many Minor bugs,  paddings and cosmetic stuff


Link to win version!EN11iBIa!VtZMkIiW4Jx5DxL8M86jmyx1vWobikn5bdkXrHZYBkY

Quick Guide

Where to start?

Start working at the bar or at the store. When you have around 200 bucks go to the street and hire a whore for you 1st scene.
Home in your office click Computer and go to Girls tab. Choose her and button “Shoot a scene” will appear. If you meet all the requierments
you’ll shoot a scene. You can skip the sex scene at any time, no need to finish it. Go to Scenes tab, select a scene you just shoot, edit it(takes 6 hours) and finnaly upload it to the tubes. Next day you’ll start earning some cash. ALWAYS watch for weekly bills. If you don’t have enough money,
you’ll get one more week to pay 2 weeks worth of bills or it will be game over.
Shoot more porn, upgrade your stats, pick up better girls, upgrade your equipment and house, and you’ll start shooting more qulity videos.


Overview tab is quick info panel for some stats. If you open a company and hire an assistant, you’ll get some more info on here.
It is also the place where new options will appear, like opening new company and so on.
Girls tab  – Info for all the models you hired, their stats, requests and button for shooting a scene
Scenes tab – You can edit and publish scenes. At first you can only upload it to the tube sites and later to your own website.
Stats tab – Where the stats are… You can sort it by days, scenes or girls
Inventory tab – You can see all the shit you bought or upgraded here.
Website tab – Info about your website, number of subscribers, their happines, monthly fee, advertisment budget
Mail tab – If you place an ad, look here for candidates. Plus some random mail.


Fitness is a factor for scene quality and for dealing with some events.
Sex skills stat is a big factor for scene quality. Also higher the ss the girl has, more sex positions you can try out.
Intellect is checked when talking to girls. Higher it is more stats you can figure out about girl you’re talking to.
Charisma is important when you want to pick up or bargain with girls.
Stress – If stress is high you’ll start fucking up things, scene quality will go down and it will trigger some bad events. If it’s too high you’ll end up in hospital for a few days.
Beauty is girls only attribute and greatly affects scene quality.

You can upgrade your fitness in the gym, intellect in the park, sex skills by fucking and charisma with picking up girls(succesfully or unsuccessfully)


You can pick up random girls at almost every location
Bar – Work
Beach – Relax for some energy gain
Hospital – Buy medicines
Park – Relax, or read books for intellect upgrade
Hotel – Rent a room for porn shooting
Fitness – Work out for fitness upgrade
Street – Pick up whores or buy drugs
Store – Buy stuff or work


You have two options. Placing an ad which will cost you $100 and you can choose the girl level and money you want to pay. Find the right price by yourself.
The other is picking up girls from all the different locations. Girls will spawn with random stats except on the street, which will always have low tier whores. If the girl likes you she will give you a discount price for the first scene. If you are not her type she will spit out her price, which can be close to her “real” value or greatly exaggerated. If you have high intellect you will have an idea what her attributes are and what traits she posses. Higher your intellect more of her stats and traits will be revealed.
The other path is to try out some pickup lines. Every girl has her own preferences and if you match it and your attributes are high enough you can pick her up for free. You can also fuck her on sight to reveal her sex skills attribute.

Not all girls, especially not those with higher attributes, will want to shoot at your shitty place. So you can improve the house or rent a hotel room, which will cost you a little bit of money. High class girls will not even want to shoot at the hotel.

They can have a trait or two. Some are good, some are bad. Some boost or lower the attributes, affect scene chemistry, or increase the chance of some events. For example, crazy chicks are good in bed and you’ll get a nice bonus in scene quality and chemistry, but she triggers all kinds of bad events
from stealing, changing her mind, involving police, havin a even more crazy boyfriend… So think twice if you want to do it

Every Girl has DOs and DONTs. Some will be ok with gangbangs, others are only willing to do a solo scene. You can change her mind with some money bonus.*(Not yet implemented)


Final scene popularity is a combination of many things.
Quality of the scene is based of your atts(Fitness and Sex Skills), girl atts(Beauty, Fitness and Sex Skills) and your inventory(Cameras, lights, bedrooms and overall house improvments)
Chemistry is based on girls preferences, traits, her and your stats and if she fits the ideal girl category you can choose at the character creation
Global trend gives a small boost to your. You don’t know what the global trend is until you hire an assistant. Then it will show on Overview tab.
Fan demands 2 things. Characteristic(Big tits, latinas, …) or specific girl. It is great to happen if the girl is also in fan characteristic demand. Even better if you can also add that global trend bonus.
You can boost the popularity with advertisment at Scenes tab. Do NOT advertise low quality scenes. Shitty scenes even if greatly marketed will still be shitty.
You will only recieve a small bonus and lose money in the end. On high quality scenes bonus will be fucking great so play around.
Finally there some random bonus. You have to have some luck in this world.

Do not shoot with the same girl every day. Popularity will be shit. Wait 2 weeks or so.


Once you open the company you can also open your very own website.*(Only one for now) You’ll need 30 overall scenes, 10 new edited, but NOT yet published scenes and 5000 bucks.
Higher the average popularity(quality, chemistry, global trends and some luck) of your scenes is, higher you can set monthly fee your subsrcibers pay.
If to high, their happiness will drop and you’ll start losing subscribers. Also no new ones will pay for shit. If to low, they will be happy but earnings will not be optimal.
Number of subscribers is dependant on number of fans. More fans more subscribers. You can get new fans by uploading scenes to tubes, which will anger the subscribers or advertise the site which cost obscene ammount of money.
If you leave your subscribers too long with no new content their happiness will also drop.