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Where do I start?

Follow the in game tutorial. It takes you through the first week and introduces you to the basic game systems.
After that recruit some girls from the street or casting agency and start shooting. Alternatively you can continue to work, build up your stats and wait for the right moment. It’s up to you.

ALWAYS remember to keep an eye on your weekly bills. If you don’t have enough money, you’ll get one more week to pay 2 weeks worth of bills. If you can’t pay the second time it’s game over.


The overview tab houses a quick info panel with several stats. Here you can found a company, build a website or check the trends and fans statistics (after you hire a PA and assign her this role).
Girls tab – Info for all the models you hired, their stats and different options available to them.
Boys tab – Same as the girls, but for your male actors.
Scenes tab – You can edit, publish and view some stats on the scenes you shoot.
Stats tab – This tab has all the stats. You can sort the tab by days, scenes or girls.
Inventory tab – Here you can see all the items that you’ve bought so far.
Staff tab – Your employees. You can train them, raise their pay, fire them or have some fun with a few of them.
Website tab – Info about your websites, number of subscribers, their happiness, monthly fee and advertisment budget.
Mail tab – Reports, mail, talents and ad responses.


Fitness is a factor for scene quality and for dealing with some events.
Sex skills stat is a big factor for scene quality. Also the higher this skill is, the more sex positions you can try out.
Intellect is checked when talking to girls. Higher intellect means you can figure more stats about the active npc you’re talking to. Also has some effect when you’re marketing your videos and websites.
Charisma is important when you want to pick up or bargain with girls.
Stress – If stress is high you’ll start fucking up things, scene quality will go down and it will trigger some bad events. If it’s too high you’ll end up in hospital for a few days. So relax or find other means of keeping the stress down.
Like your secretary for example.
Beauty is a girls only attribute and greatly affects scene quality.
Potential is the cap to which you can train a girl. It has some tolerence, you can go slightly over the cap.

You can upgrade your fitness in the gym, intellect in the library, sex skills by fucking and charisma with picking up girls(succesfully or unsuccessfully).

Where can I go?

You can visit many locations and participate in different activities.

Bar – Work or socializing to upgrade your charisma.
Beach – Relax for some energy gain.
Hospital – Buy medicines.
Park – Relax for some energy gain.
Library – Read books to upgrade your intellect.
Hotel – Rent a room for shooting porn scenes.
Fitness – Work out to upgrade your fitness.
Street – Pick up whores or buy drugs.
Business center:
Store – Buy stuff or work.
Casting agency – Recruit girls

How do I get girls?

You have 3 options.

1. Pick up the girls from many locations around the city.
Wide range of potential and levels but lower prices. You can try out your very clever pick up lines and hope you’ll woo her enough to do it first time for free or pay her the price she wants.

2. Casting agency.
You can get (almost) any kind of girl but they will be expensive and usually not trainable.

3. Talent search (PA).
When you’re able to hire PAs you can assign one of them to search for talents. You’ll get a few candidates every week. Candidates will have lower stats but very high potential. Perfect for training.

So every method has its ups and downs. If you want to create a top pornstar go for highest potential as possible(100 max) and train her.

Training Girls

You have the ability to train your girls.
Once she reaches certain level thresholds (based on her attribute points), she’ll then get a skill point. You can invest this skill point in the skill tree.
It’s up to you to decide which path the girl will follow and skills/talents she gets.

Girl attributes are limited to their individual potential. You won’t be able to go much higher than their cap, so if you want a level 10 superstar aim for high potential girls.
There will be girls around with very high attributes and low potential, a sign that she’s past her prime or just not possessing the necessary skills to be a superstar.


Scene popularity is a combination of various factors:

1. Quality of the scene consists of:
-Girl(s) attributes(Beauty, Fitness and Sex Skills)
-Boy(s) attributes(Fitness and Sex Skills)
-Equipment quality (Camera, Lights and Room)
-Staff quality (Only if you shoot in the studio)

2. Scene Chemistry.
Based on partner’s characteristics and type of scene they’re currently shooting.

3. Trends.
After you assign a PA to track trends you’ll be able to see what’s popular at the moment. Try to shoot in line with the trends because they generate a lot of income.

4. Fan demands.
Same as trends but has a lower impact hence a smaller bonus.

5. Girl popularity.
Popularity rises when you publish your scenes. The more popular the scene, the more popular the girl becomes.
The 14 days penalty is also decreased as npc popularity increases.

6. Bonus.
Special bonuses from some skills.

7. Luck.
Random. (In future versions may be manipulated with events, special girls or items.)

8. Marketing.
You receive a bonus to overall popularity only if the scene is good enough. If you advertise low quality scenes you only lose money.

Publishing the scene on the Internet will bring you some cash and a good number of new fans(depending on how popular your scenes are).
Once you own your own websites you can also publish your scenes there. You will receive no new fans or money but you have to keep the subscribers happy with new content.

Do NOT publish the scene with the same girl every day. There’s a 14 days cooldown during which the scene popularity will be reduced. Penalty gets smaller as you get closer to the cap. You CAN shoot scenes with the same girl every day, just keep your publishing on point.
If the girl is popular(indicated by her popularity stat) the days decreases. Popularity 100 will result in only 7 days penalty.

Personal Assistants

Once you open the company you’ll be able to employ PAs. Have the as stress reduction or assign them more meaningful roles.

    • Reports – Unlocks some additional data and gives you weekly reports.
    • Trends & Fans Analytics – Detailed view of what is trending, how many fans you got in each category and some new sorting options.
    • Talent Search – You’ll receive weekly mail with few girls. High potential, lower stats.
    • Auto production – Once you have whole studio floor you can give orders on what movies to shoot.

Keep in mind that higher level PAs will do job better. For example level 1 PA will give you trend numbers all wrong.


After you open a company (available after day 14), you will be able to hire PAs, male actors and directors.
To start shooting in the studio you NEED a director, a camera and a light. You can buy equipment at the mall.
Click on the studio, got to the staff tab, assign a director you hired, procceed to the equipment tab and assign camera and light.
Now your studio is ready to go.
Open the production (button on the bottom left) and start the preproduction. Choose the day of the shooting, type of scene and actors. Conclude the scene.
The shooting will start the next day. When the status is “Shooting” (14:00 – 16:00) you can open the studio panel and take a look inside. You’ll have full control of the sex scene.

Once you have bought the first floor and you have a PA, you can assign her to a production role. She will then take over a lot of the procedures. Under the staff tab choose which type of movies to shoot and if they need to be in any specific category and you’re ready to go.
You can do the same for all 3 floors.

To employ other staff members, expand buy new office places in the STUDIO.


Once you open the company you can also open your very own website. You’ll need 5 new edited but unpublished scenes and 5000$.

The higher the average popularity of your scenes is, the higher you can set the monthly subscriber fee.
If the fee is too high, their happiness will begin to drop and you’ll start losing subscribers. Also no new ones will come aboard.
If the fee is too low, they will be happy but earnings will not be optimal.

The number of subscribers depends on the number of fans you have in the same category as the website. More fans equals more subscribers.
You can get new fans by uploading scenes to the Internet. This will make existing subscribers slightly unhappy, but it will bring new ones.
So if you never shot a MILF scene and upload it to the internet you’ll have zero fans in that category. Opening a MILF website would not be a great idea in that case.
Sites dedicated to specific fetishes will bring in more money than generic websites, such as Solo, MF etc.
If you leave your subscribers for too long without new content their happiness will also drop. So post videos on the site regulary. It’s a great source of income.

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  1. CodeMonkey

    Kind of wish this guide listed all the “special” girls and hints on Acquiring them, and their talent sets.

  2. Overlord

    How do you unlock access to the hotel? Playing a cheat game (maxed out housing level) so I don’t need to take girls there but still can’t get maid or cosplay girls…

  3. Mr. Rocco

    Hotel dont work after 28 days.

    And hotel located in down of map near library??

    I ask because no any sign about it. no pink, no name – nothing!

    in 0.71

  4. Balu

    how can i hire guys in general ??
    i cant use the hotel even after the 100th day

  5. Jim

    Does the 14 days cooldown also apply to male actors ? Or only females ?

  6. Jim

    Where can we see the reports from the PA ? I can’t manage to find them…

  7. Maelficis

    Hi there,

    How do I increase my girls happiness? Staff is happy but all girls are happiness 0.

    • PEdev

      Only way to increase happiness is by investing points in the right skill or shooting types of scenes(girl-girl, boy-girl) in which girl has really high chemistry.
      There’s also a bug which decrease happiness way too much, it depends on which version you’re playing.

  8. RollinNugget

    Can i recruit the milf at the hotel and why cant i find her after the 2nd sex scene ?
    Plz halp me

  9. guiseppe

    how can i shoot photos ? is it not implemented yet or can’t i find it ? I’ve been trying and searching quite for a while now… thanks in advance

  10. DarbyCrash

    Ok so I don’t seem to get this game… How do you do amateur work before being able to afford a company?
    I had sex with this girl but nothing else happened afterwards

  11. krone x

    how do i earn money after convincing girls i have convinced 3 girls and now i’m running out of money

    • PEdev

      click on the girl on your dashboard, pick the camera icon top right
      then edit the scene you just shot and publish it.

    • PEdev

      click on the girl’s name on your dashboard and select the camera icon on the right

  12. That guy

    How to assign PAs, Web Admins, etc. There doesn’t seem to be any options for that.
    (ver 077a)

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