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You can now mod random events by just creating a .gd file with a conversation and putting it in /events/ directory. Create one at

On Windows: %APPDATA%\Godot\app_userdata\Porn Empire\mods\events\
On GNU/Linux: home/user/.local/share/godot/app_userdata/Porn Empire/mods/events/


Everything is the same as with standard conversation files with addition of the meta variable where you can define who,where and when the event triggers.

var meta = {
"name":"event_hospital_2", #MANDATORY - Choose a name
"type":"random", #MANDATORY - Leave as is
"chance":0.03, #MANDATORY - Percentage chance of happening. 0.03 = 3% -- 1.0 = 100%
"location":["hospital"], #MANDATORY - Can use multiple locations. Seperate by comma.
"characters": #MANDATORY
"level":[6,9], #MANDATORY - Level span [0-10] "characteristic":[], #spawn with desired characteristics
"outfit":"17", #outfit code, full list in modding guide. Can leave empty.
"gender":"F" #gender of the character
"triggers":{}, #FOR FUTURE VERSIONS
####________OPTIONAL_______### DELETE IF YOU DONT NEED
"need_property":"Pool", #. Event will trigger only if you have bought this property.
"need_mansion_level":4, # Need mansion upgraded to level 0-4
"hour":[8,13], #Hour span (24h). Only triggered betwee 8:00 and 13:00
"days":[2,4], #Only on particular days - 0 = Monday, 6 = Sunday

One of the events included in the game to serve as an example.
Download :

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