v0.76 Changelog

-New female haircuts and accessories
-New special girls in hotel,  Chun-li and Cammy
-Night backgrounds
-New male and female outfits
-New trait system. They give significant bonuses now. Skills are removed for now.
-Rewritten pickup process. After you recruit a girl you need to do a casting photoshoot to reveal her potential and likes.
-Street girls can go straight to shooting, no casting needed.
-You have the option to recruit NPCs as a staff member.
-Agency models now visible in “main” list. No need to hire them. Multiple agencies with some sort of reputation system coming soon. 
-After completing the recruitment of special girls, in most cases you’ll get a special trait.
-Prices categorized by scene type.
-Stress was removed, merged with Happiness.
-Clothes are now categorized.
-Contracts. You can fulfill them for extra cash.
-Unlockable outfits.
-NPCs have age and nationality
-When you buy a building it’s not studio by default. You must turn it into one.
-Removed house improvements. Upgrade you office at studio overview and your bedroom from home scene. 
-Girls with under 10% likeness in specific scene type will not shoot it.
-Pregnant girls spawn in hospital.
-You can get pregnant as a female MC.
-Addict trait doesn’t affect attributes anymore but has other undesirable effects.
-Better notification system.
-More info is shown during retirement event. If model is in favorites list, how many movies did she appear in and meet day. 
-Getting a STD now last for 20 days, unless you get treatment.
-Pregnancies last longer.
-Auto production options changed so you can now set exactly which scene types and categories can be shot in the studio
-Sex scenes random position now choose from all the animations not just the first step
-You can undress models during sex scenes individually
-Perk system changed to have good and bad effects, almost like Fallout 1 & 2 traits
As always fixed a lot of bugs and added some quality of life improvements which aren’t specifically noted but helpful nonetheless.
-Alt girls in tattoo shop crashed the game.
-You paid for the scene even if actor was on contract.
-Pregnant girls from the hospital didn’t have the preggo tag.
-Couldn’t do photoshoots with multiple models.
-When manually scheduling scenes it now auto jumps to the next available date
-More detailed view of production cost
-Name filter at home. On models list top left, there’s a text input where you can start typing a name and it will act as a filter. Easier to find someone.
-Dates didn’t update in manual production scene
-Crash if you wanted to take a peek into the photo studio(it’s not possible)
-Some smaller bugs

0.75e Hotfix Changelog

v0.75e Changelog


-PA production: A button to set the minimum scene type likeness for all models. Instead of manually setting for every girl in which movie types(solo, girl-girl,…) she can be scheduled
you can now set this for all the models with one click. Set the limit with a slider and press the button and you’re done.
-You can no longer skip by more than 24 hours. If time is between midnight and 8AM it will skip to 8AM the same day.
-“Minimum happiness” slider at manual production screen.
-If employee happiness is below 50 their name will change color.
-Lowered equipment maintenance cost and degradation.
-When training employee their salary will automatically raise to their level.
-Trained staff will be cheaper then same level staff from agency


-Some staff members were assigned to multiple studios. If this bug happened to you, clear all the spots from all studios then reassign them again.
-Mon Capitan perk was bugged.
-You could visit locations after they were closed.
-Minor bugs

0.75 Changelog

Available at https://www.patreon.com/posts/new-update-v0-75-23617997  for $1 Patreons.

More code refactoring and optimization

Female hair types.
New tits.
F & M eyes, outfits and noses.
New backgrounds – Gym locker room & shower

New sex animations


Low level actors(M and F) are visually different from higher level ones.
Option for “max scenes per week” now defaults to 1
Full male customization.
Security levels + break-in events moved to random events.
Staff bling.
Merging Trends and Reports PA roles. Now just “Analytics”
Moved text from Info to Stats tab. You now have every important info on 1 tab.
Talent search and Retirement moved from mails to an actual event. You have a conversation with few choices.
You can fuck every staff member as a FEM MC. Raise their happiness if they are stressed.
Website changed.
Global trends behavior changed.
FEM MC: You can go MMF threesome if seduce check is passed in the city.
FEM MC: You can fuck an angry BF to resolve the conflict.
Retirement is now an event.
Talent search is now an event.

MILF or Teen characteristic was added when you changed the appearance of the girl.
Couldn’t hire weekly talents.
After deleting all websites game broke down.
Faces were swapped in FFM scenes.
When changing appearance wrong type of breasts were showing.
Fixed some outfits clipping issues.
Fixed some floating cloth pieces.
In sex scenes eyebrows/pubes colors were wrong.
Autoschedule checkbox options are now also on likeness tab. This will save you a click or two.
PA autoproduction by best stats didn’t work correctly.
PA autoprodcution now prioritize contract girls.
Some random events were triggered for retired actors
Talent search models had ALL likeness
Male backside hair didn’t show.
Fixed repeating events.


0.74 Changelog


v0.74 Changelog

-Every costume, except special ones, has 5 variations.
-Sexy clothing. Corsets, garter belts, …
-Gym background

-Change to real dates
-Starting perks
-Retirement options for models
-Contract girls. Offer girl a contract and she’ll work exclusively for you.
-Cheat Panel
-Change clothes for guys
-Change guys appearance
-Change skin color
-Ability to change eyebrows and pubes color separably.
-See girls and boys stats when hovering. More data shown if you have higher intellect.
-Casting agency is tiered. More popular you are, more models are available.
-Auto publish system. New PA role – Publishing.
-PA role – Production – is not by floor anymore. One PA can now cover all studios.
-PA role – Production – You can now choose on which days studios can shoot. (Monday-Saturday)
-PA role – Marketing – Option to set automatic advertising of scenes
-Option to set max movies per week for models.
-Editors now auto edit available scenes (they are swapped with helpers in studio).
-Manual production redone. It uses same UI as in office, so you can now see likes/dislikes and sort them accordingly.
-You can revisit convention girls and take them for a ride.
-Dudes can take drugs.
-Talent Search PA role redone. More options to choose.
-Placing ads removed. You can get models and staff at casting agency/job center.
-UI actor/scene categories are hidden if there’s nothing to list.
-Hover tooltips across for additional info. Disabled buttons will show more info on why that’s the case. Hovering over scene list will show you when the popularity penalty will end and so on.
-Models gain experience weekly and by shooting scenes. Their attributes will slowly raise.
-Option to enable automatic weekly beauty salon visits.
-Various QOL improvements.

-When changing appearance, clothing options weren’t saved .
-Girl looks weren’t updated when going to surgery.
-Female main char had wrong characteristic at creation.
-Condom use option was not saved.
-FEM MC: Friend event went to FFM, instead of FF.
-FEM MC: Some texts referred to you as male.
-Fixed Jenny and Carmen sex scene positions.
-Couldn’t sort the staff in descending order
-Whole lot of small bugs

v0.74a Changelog
-Code optimization. Skipping time is much faster.
-Studying in library didn’t add Stress.
-Couldn’t change eyebrows and pubes color outside of character creation.
-Girls weren’t naked in surgery/tattoo customization so it was impossible to see changes.
-Back right arm tattoo was hidden.
-Random level distribution for agency models and staff (until we find a better solution).
-Agency models and staff change more often.
-Websites: bug prevented opening 2 or more websites.
-Websites: Subscriptions were still set on weekly instead of monthly.
-Websites: Marketing removed until next update to avoid savegame breakage.
-Pregnancy fixed.
-Staff Pregnancy fixed.
-Skip 12h and skip to next day 8am button.

v0.73 Changelog


New backgrounds
New Haircuts & eyes
Male Expressions
Back side outfits
90 skin colors for girls

New UI
Improved filtering and sorting
Rename girls/scenes by clicking on their name when selected
Store redone
Auto assign staff members and equipment in studio
Hover to see girl’s stats and characteristics. No need to go into conversation. (Higher INT will give you more data)
Play as female character
Random male NPCs accros town

Undressing controls during sex scenes
Convention quiz minigame
More sound effects during sex

0.72 Changelog

For patreons:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/18906127

-More tattoos.
-New female haircuts.
-Nipple and belly piercings.
-Necklaces(both sides), glasses and earrings.
-Some new backgrounds.

-Number of maximum hireable actors are now limited to the number of fans. More fans increase your total limit of actresses.
-Maids now spawn in the hotel room.
-Finances panel on overview tab.
-Daily events. They have a chance to activate every new day.
-4 new locations: Jewelry shop, Tattoo parlor, Beauty salon and the Player’s car.
-Hotel expanded to have a convention hall. Every weekend you can go there to pick up thematic female NPCs.
-Expanded autoproduction. More options and custom titles.
-Training changes. You can set the number of days in training. No more clicking every few days.
-Beauty salon. Custom hair colors.
-Tattoo parlor. Change tattoos and piercings.
-When picking up female NPCs there’s now an option to take them for a ride with the car (if you have it).
-You can have fun with your girlfriend now.
-New unique girl. Initialy you can find her in the hotel. She allows you to access future content (WIP) but for now she’s available for sexual… release.
-Female NPCs now can go up to level 10 and they can have up to 10 skill points at any one time.
-Female NPC skill system change. You can now multiclass by picking skills from any class, up to the maximum number of points available.
-New MF animations.
-New Gangbang animations.
-Some QOL changes and missing features.
-Stuff I have forgotten to list.

Added ambient sounds to locations

v0.71 New Update + Changelog

Hey all.
You can find new version over at patreon -> https://www.patreon.com/posts/v0-71-new-update-17339548

v0.71 Changelog

-Backgrounds bar, bar toilet and city map.
-Female: New haircuts, outfits and one more eye color(dark brown).
-Male: More eyes.

-Every MF position now have an ANAL option.
-Skill system. Choose from 9 different classes.
-New location: Casting agency. Substitute for placing ads. (Only female models for now. Non-female NPCs can be recruited with the old method.)
-New Attribute: Potential. Serves as a cap (with some tolerance)up to which the girl is trainable. Important stat to have if you wanna level your girl to the final skill.
-Detailed chemistry view for each girl.
-All attributes changed from 30 to 100.
-Chemistry raised to 200 total.
-Scene popularity raised to 1900 total.
-All levels changed from 5 to 10.
-You can now delete male actors.
-Scene tab: Expanded stats IF your PA has report role.
-Scene tab: A list of websites with their sub happiness values at bottom right. So you can quickly see which websites are in need of new videos when publishing.
-You can impregnate special staff members and assistants.
-The more popular the girl is, the smaller the 14 days scene popularity penalty becomes. If a girl’s popularity is 100, penalty is halved (so 7 days).
-Girls tab: Second characteristics filter and checkbox to show only pregnant women.
-Staff tab: Job filter.
-Animation changes to flow more naturally unlike the sort of robotic movement that was used up till now.
-You can change costumes and accessories on Girls/Image tab.
-Alice(girl on the beach) can be employeed as a PR Manager which will boost your earnings.
PA new role: Marketing. Increase the income you earn from a scene by a small factor. The higher level the PA, the bigger the returns.
-PAs who are assigned with an auto production role will first prioritize actors that are already paid, then all the others and lastly those with popularity penalty.
-PA Auto production: option to prioritize girls with best stats.
-Redisigned a bit the Surgery and Makeover tabs.

-Updated quick guide in the main menu.

-Filtering in PRODUCTION wasnt working right. Some options didnt do anything, like sorting by last published.
-Staff sex skills increase as you train them. Before they were stuck at 1 position forever.
-Overview tab showed wrong number of actresses.
-PAs scheduled girls that were on training.
-Some outfits didn’t show the right version when in sex scene (like nurse outfit for example).
-Skiping sex scenes fast causes to stay in pause mode.
-Posting videos on the internet lowered the website happiness

v0.7 on Patreon + Changelog

Hey all. New version available over at patreon -> https://www.patreon.com/posts/new-update-v0-7-16474057

You can find download to the free public version in the sidebar.

v0.7 Changelog


-New female and male haircuts.
-More female outfits.
-New breast shapes and sizes.
-More pube types.
-Updated outfits to fit new breast sizes.


-New special girl – Cop
-New FFM scenes – Go to studio, when status is “shooting”(from 14:00-15:00) open up the studio panel and click on “take a look” button. You have control over the scenes even if your main character is not in them.
-Outfit selection for your girls. Shoes, stockings, tops, earrings, necklaces…
-Right click on girls name in “Girls” tab and you have the option to add her to favorites. A little star will appear next to her name. You can also rename her to whatever you want and confirm with ENTER.
-Hotel’s girls list now show all data + image.
-Production scene is updated to show all the girl’s data.
-You can sort girls by last shot, last published scenes and specific attributes.
-Sex skills builds up for everyone not just the main character (+1 after 4 sex scenes)
-Kimberly(the special nurse girl), her effect changed from -STD chance to -50% for rehab time(surgery and drugs).
-Maya(the school girl from library) can now also be employed as your PA
-You can hire as many PAs as you want. There are 6 roles for them in your company. Trends & fans analytics, talent search, reports, and production for each studio floor.
-As you assign PA to a perticular floor new options open up. You can choose type of movies being made and some other settings.
-Alt girls appear more frequently in the park.
-Sex position selector
-Camera zoom in bedroom & office(With scroll wheel)
-Websites bring way more money (almost *3)
-Increase Beauty on girls. 1 week temporary bonus +10.


-Choosing Alice to be a pornstar sometimes crashed the game.
-Only 2 Actors were showing on the scenes tab, even if there were more in the scene.
-Studio production was charging the actors even if you already them.

New Update – v0.6 + Changelog

Download for patreons:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/0-6-changelog-14851408

-Some new faces, haircuts and accessories.
-New options for male.
-New Backgrounds for the office.
-6 Special girls with some short stories. Most of them you can hire as a special staff member or a pornstar.
-Condoms. If you use a condom you cannot get STD or a girl pregnant. If you’re using it while shooting a scene there’ll be a small penalty.
-Stat bar stays open when switching scenes.
-Having fun with your employees reduce the stress by 1.
-You can choose the location of your sex scene.
-You can choose if the girl is clothed during a sex scene.
-You can send a girl to surgery. Costs some cash and 14 days of rehabilitation.
-Change the appearance of the girl. It costs some cash or free if you have a makeup artist employed.
-You can send a girl to rehab to get rid of her drug addiction.
-You can make a girl your girlfriend which will boost her quality and chemistry bonus for 10%.
-If high enough stats, girls will recieve a special bonus.
-New texts across the locations.

New version! 0.51 for patreons + changelog

Download at https://www.patreon.com/pornempire


Art & Animations:

-Some new haircuts and outfits.

-New breast shapes.

-After cumshot, cum stays on the face or body.

-New animations. Few blowjobs, handjob, pussy licking, titfuck & footjob.

-Creampies! You can finish inside, you can finish outside and in certain positions directly on the face.

-New MF position, beach exclusive.

-If you missed the previous quickfix update, there are tons of new tattoos.

Gameplay changes:

-When you talk to the girl and ask for a name her characteristic will be shown. That way you can easily see if she’s a milf, teen or some other thing you can’t make out visually.

-Every upgrade was made cheaper.

-You now earn more money from a scene.

-Global trends have bigger impact on the scene popularity.

-Fans to subscribers ratio is increased, which means you’ll get more subs from uploading videos. Less grinding.

-You can hire a security guard now. He will help you with thieves, fights and other stuff. If you have a level 5 guard there will be no stealing.

Same if you have 2 guards(level 2 and a level 3 ). So 5 is the magic number. Everything lower than 5, stealing can happen but less will be stolen.

-You’ll get a message if your employee happiness drop under 20 and he/she will quit if happiness reach 0.

-Advertisment slider when uploading scenes now works again. It gives you maximum 200 popularity, but only if the scene is top quality.

-New button in overview tab ( FANS ) – You can see number fans by category. So you won’t open website categories in which you have no fans.

-You can get your dick sucked not just at home, but all around the city.

-Drinking in bar no longer add stress.

-Casual fucking around town lowers the stress.

-Milfs spawn more often in a bar and teens in a library. Every girl with schoolgirl outfit is a teen now.

-Every girl has a preferences now. So skin color, hair color, eyes color and favorite attribute(so fitness guy, smart guy,…)

This will come into play when picking them up and with scene chemistry. Not every girl has all 4 prefs, in fact there are rare.

Some like pale redhaired dudes with blue eyes, some latino guys, some just smart guys. You get the point.

-Your charisma att usually runs over above preferences if high enough. Picking up girls success rate will be higher. Does not come into play in scene chemistry.

-Your fitness att lowers the ammount of energy spend in some actions. Like shooting porn.

-Your intellect att affects the success of advertising your websites and scenes.

-Reminder, eventhough you have every fan in the boy-girl category(since it’s the only possible scene for now), boy-girl websites will not make more money than niche ones.

Since I change a lot of values and equations, some weird stuff could happen like having more fans in one category than total fans. It should correct itself after ending the day. Could also mess up the websites and subscribers.