New Update – v0.6 + Changelog

Download for patreons:¬† Changelog Art: -Some new faces, haircuts and accessories. -New options for male. -New Backgrounds for the office. ¬† Gameplay: -6 Special girls with some short stories. Most of them you can hire as a special staff member or a pornstar. -Condoms. If you use a condom you cannot get STD or … Read more New Update – v0.6 + Changelog

New version! 0.51 for patreons + changelog

Download at Changelog: Art & Animations: -Some new haircuts and outfits. -New breast shapes. -After cumshot, cum stays on the face or body. -New animations. Few blowjobs, handjob, pussy licking, titfuck & footjob. -Creampies! You can finish inside, you can finish outside and in certain positions directly on the face. -New MF position, beach … Read more New version! 0.51 for patreons + changelog