v0.73a release

New update for $1 patreons with some small fixes. You can find downloads at the link below



Changelog 0.73a


-“Favorites” button
-Auto schedule options for girls & boys.
-Randomize appearance button at character creation.
-Soft lock when setting preferences at character creation.
-Girls and Boys scene history on INFO tab. Select particular scene to show more info on it.
-Special girls unlock additional locations for quick scenes. (Also owning a car and hotel room)
-Overview tab updated to show more data.
-When hovering over SHOOT button, you can now see all the reasons why you can’t.
-Few new SOLO and GIRL-GIRL scenes
-Added some more sound effects to MF scenes. Some might not be synced with animation exactly.


-Missing piercings & glasses.
-Milf trait disappeared after surgery.
-Could not remove back side clothes when in surgery screen.
-Options in surgery/makeover all defaulted to 1.
-Locations were unlocked from the beginning
-Tooltips on training showed wrong data

0.72 Changelog

For patreons:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/18906127

-More tattoos.
-New female haircuts.
-Nipple and belly piercings.
-Necklaces(both sides), glasses and earrings.
-Some new backgrounds.

-Number of maximum hireable actors are now limited to the number of fans. More fans increase your total limit of actresses.
-Maids now spawn in the hotel room.
-Finances panel on overview tab.
-Daily events. They have a chance to activate every new day.
-4 new locations: Jewelry shop, Tattoo parlor, Beauty salon and the Player’s car.
-Hotel expanded to have a convention hall. Every weekend you can go there to pick up thematic female NPCs.
-Expanded autoproduction. More options and custom titles.
-Training changes. You can set the number of days in training. No more clicking every few days.
-Beauty salon. Custom hair colors.
-Tattoo parlor. Change tattoos and piercings.
-When picking up female NPCs there’s now an option to take them for a ride with the car (if you have it).
-You can have fun with your girlfriend now.
-New unique girl. Initialy you can find her in the hotel. She allows you to access future content (WIP) but for now she’s available for sexual… release.
-Female NPCs now can go up to level 10 and they can have up to 10 skill points at any one time.
-Female NPC skill system change. You can now multiclass by picking skills from any class, up to the maximum number of points available.
-New MF animations.
-New Gangbang animations.
-Some QOL changes and missing features.
-Stuff I have forgotten to list.

Added ambient sounds to locations

v0.71 New Update + Changelog

Hey all.
You can find new version over at patreon -> https://www.patreon.com/posts/v0-71-new-update-17339548

v0.71 Changelog

-Backgrounds bar, bar toilet and city map.
-Female: New haircuts, outfits and one more eye color(dark brown).
-Male: More eyes.

-Every MF position now have an ANAL option.
-Skill system. Choose from 9 different classes.
-New location: Casting agency. Substitute for placing ads. (Only female models for now. Non-female NPCs can be recruited with the old method.)
-New Attribute: Potential. Serves as a cap (with some tolerance)up to which the girl is trainable. Important stat to have if you wanna level your girl to the final skill.
-Detailed chemistry view for each girl.
-All attributes changed from 30 to 100.
-Chemistry raised to 200 total.
-Scene popularity raised to 1900 total.
-All levels changed from 5 to 10.
-You can now delete male actors.
-Scene tab: Expanded stats IF your PA has report role.
-Scene tab: A list of websites with their sub happiness values at bottom right. So you can quickly see which websites are in need of new videos when publishing.
-You can impregnate special staff members and assistants.
-The more popular the girl is, the smaller the 14 days scene popularity penalty becomes. If a girl’s popularity is 100, penalty is halved (so 7 days).
-Girls tab: Second characteristics filter and checkbox to show only pregnant women.
-Staff tab: Job filter.
-Animation changes to flow more naturally unlike the sort of robotic movement that was used up till now.
-You can change costumes and accessories on Girls/Image tab.
-Alice(girl on the beach) can be employeed as a PR Manager which will boost your earnings.
PA new role: Marketing. Increase the income you earn from a scene by a small factor. The higher level the PA, the bigger the returns.
-PAs who are assigned with an auto production role will first prioritize actors that are already paid, then all the others and lastly those with popularity penalty.
-PA Auto production: option to prioritize girls with best stats.
-Redisigned a bit the Surgery and Makeover tabs.

-Updated quick guide in the main menu.

-Filtering in PRODUCTION wasnt working right. Some options didnt do anything, like sorting by last published.
-Staff sex skills increase as you train them. Before they were stuck at 1 position forever.
-Overview tab showed wrong number of actresses.
-PAs scheduled girls that were on training.
-Some outfits didn’t show the right version when in sex scene (like nurse outfit for example).
-Skiping sex scenes fast causes to stay in pause mode.
-Posting videos on the internet lowered the website happiness

New update v0.61 – Changelog

You can find the download link at Porn Empire – Patreon


0.61 Changelog


Some more female and male haircuts.

Pregnant bodies and some new outfits for preggos.

Different head shapes for more variety.

Few new backgrounds.


-New Studio area with multiple upgradable studios for production of movies. You can assign staff and equipment to them. (Director, camera and lighting are needed if you want to shoot in a studio)

-Male actors. You can only hire them through ads for now.

-Pregnancy event redone. You can now have sex with pregnant chicks, shoot porn and more…

-Bonuses are added to the base not summed together anymore. This means you can train yourself to 30 + all items and reach charisma 40. Same with girls.

-Browse net action changed from popup window to notificaton.

-Staff salaries are cut in half.

-Relaxing in park results in -2 strees, upgrading intellect and fitness no longer increases the stress.

-Girl popuarity has a limit based on her stats. For example low level girl cannot go above 20 points.

-Setting salaries in ads now has some colors which change based on the level/salary. Red price means very low probabilty of geting a reply,

yellow is better, green is around average and blue over. Number of responses are also based on the salary you set. It can also happen you get no mail even if you set the salary way up high.

-Level 5 actors are almost impossible to get via ads unless you overpay.

-Chemistry rewritten. Based on type of scene and partner’s characteristic

-Demo F, FF, FFM and MMF scenes. When studio has status “shooting” you can open the panel and take a look at the scene. It’s only one or two positions per type,

just so it isn’t empty. (FFM coming in 0.7). MF has all positions.

-Some balance tweaks. Everything is a little cheaper and you make slightly more money.

-Delete All mail button.

-Autosaves. At the beginning of each day. Do manual saves nontheless.

-Delete save games button.

+A lot of bugfixes

Upcoming Content

I’d like to steal some of your time and briefly talk about the upcoming PE versions ( v0.6x and interim, up to and including v0.7.)

There are a lot of things that weren’t supposed to initially be implemented, but content makes or breaks sandbox games. Writing is one thing, but actually implementing new content takes time if the game systems aren’t present. With this in mind, I need to create many new systems from scratch to accommodate future content development and this starts with v0.61. Players can expect to find staff management, multiple bedroom studios, room upgrades, assigning staff and equipment.

In v0.7, the voted animations will start to kick in (FFM), as well as new more complex girls (NPCs) that are more than glorified dialogues (as prototypes at first to gauge interest).

We also have a first batch of events (which split into 2 categories: short events and snippet events). Short events contain a conversation, an end result and (sometimes) animations, whereas snippet events are simple one line events that trigger and immediately produce a result. The short events will also start to roll out after a number of systems are implemented. The game needs to be populated and we are very aware of that, but it is very hard to do so without developing the tools for doing it.

Few new backgrounds

New backgrounds are in the making, so here is one of them.

You will be able to have some fun in the office in the upcoming update.