v0.9 Changelog

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-Starting perks reworked.
-It’s easier to successfully cast high depravity models for low depravity stuff, for example photos.
-Websites have customizable subscription fee. Keep it aligned to your scene quality. You can charge a bit more to high niche stuff.
-Company policies reworked. Some new, some switched around. They also increase the effectiveness with time. So constant changing wont do you any good.
-Adding missing unique perks to special characters and changed some of the old ones.
-Tax rate changes. Tiered based on income. Only PROFIT is taxable so keep it down.
-PR Stunts changed to Investments. They’re now permanent buffs as long as you’re purring in money. Good for lowering the profits for less tax payments with some added benefits.
-Financial PA does NOT lower the tax rate anymore, nor does any of the other special characters apart from Sabine Engels.
-Reputation is now a daily, dynamically calculated number based on many factors. From what girls you have on contract to overall staff happiness. Dashboard -> Overview -> Reputation for more info. More than 20 different factors with different weights(perfectly balanced).
-Staff has more factors to affect daily happiness. Office lvl, rep lvl, training time, rival sabotage, investments, policies, …
-As staff level and time at the company increase they will become both overqualified and bored with the job resulting in daily happiness drop.
-Each category has a finite number of fans based on niche factor.
-Fans gain is slower overall.
-Market share cap is limited by reputation and fans.
-Along with trending tags there are now also unpopular ones.
-Training attributes and skills are not immediate. They’re now gradual increasing over time.
-You can call male staff members to the office even if you’re playing as male. Options will be limited. Just so you can give some $ bonus to quickly increase happiness and increase relationship.
-Carwash and Beauty Center function the same as night/strip club. Assign girls, marketing …
-Difficulty options.
-Tooltips for daily increases of model/staff happiness and model fame. Hover over the progress bars to show.
-Rivals will impose sanctions on you if you undercut website fees, leave camgirls too big of a cut, grabbing their market share, aggressively market your stuff, trying to persuade their models to join you and so on.
-Other QOL

4 characters possible in the conversation
More commands for conversation and events. Check modding guide on the forum/discord.

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