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Quick guide / walkthrough for Porn Empire

Where do I start?

  • Create your character and start a new game.
  • Go straight to the street and during the first night pick up few hookers. Just wait on the street until one spawns. They are easy to recruit.
  • *If you play as a female, you can just skip picking up the hookers part and do the Solo scenes. Read on.
  • Tell them you want to shoot some scenes, throw in some money and recruit them. One is enough but you can go for more.
  • In the morning after 8AM go back home.
  • Click on the dashboard (top left corner), select the Girls tab and click on one of models you picked up.
  • A lot of things opens up, but fear not, just focus on the camera icon in the top right corner.
  • Click it
  • Select where you want to shoot your first scene ( bedroom or office) and done.
  • You can play around in the sexscene, play minigames, change positions and all that but it doenst have an effect on the scene.
  • After you’re done go to the Scenes tab.
  • Click on the pornscene you just shot and edit it. (Later in the game staff will do this)
  • You may need to rest in between. Editing takes energy. More Intellect you have less energy it will take
  • Top left corner, the hourglass icon. Rest 1h. You’ll have enough energy to edit now.
  • After you finish editing, publish the scene. You have few options. Just the one you want.
  • You will now have enough money to go through the week and more.
  • After all this, repeat few shoots, pick up more hookers, try your luck on regular models, train your attributes and you’re good to go.


1. Home

1.1 Overview tab

Houses a quick info panel with several stats, condom/birth control options.
You can also open a company, create a network or check the trends and fans statistics (if you have analytics PA)
After opening the company, there’s also a panel with your reputation, security level, STD threats and medicals.

1.2 Girls tab

Info for all the female models you recruited, their stats and different options available to them.
List of all the traits: http://www.pornempire.space/2019/03/traits-list/

1.3 Boys tab

Info for all the male actors.

1.4 Scenes tab

List of scenes you’ve shot. If not already you can edit them and later publish them.
There are 4 choices where to publish a scene.
On website – You need a website with a category same as scene.
On porn tubes – Lower income but you’ll get more fans, which are vital for the future.
Distributor deals – One is flat payment and the other you’ll get some cash over the few weeks. Usually more than flat rate. You’ll get NO fans choosing these options.

1.5 Stats tab

Financal data, graphs, pie charts, preggo stats and other statistic.

1.6 Inventory tab

List of Shooting equipment and other things you’ve bought or earned during the game.

1.7 Staff tab

List of your staff members.

1.8 Empire tab

After you open a company it will be avaiable to you.
Marketing – Raise your reputation by creating campaigns, set budget for scene categories and your websites.
Network – Your online empire. Open niche websites and put camgirls to work. Camgirls will bring passive income based on their stats and popularity.
Managers – Promote your staff members to the managarial position. Choose the perk and enjoy the bonuses they provide.

1.9 Contract Work tab

Work contracts are a good way to earn some extra cash and other rewards if you can pull them off.
Usually just a pornscene with a specific tab, but also bigger photoshoot deals or sending your contract girls to different events.
They’re completely optional and you don’t get penalized if you miss one.

1.10 Properties tab

Here you can buy, upgrade and manage your real estate and other stuff.
Upgrade your private bedroom
Build new offices so you can employ more staff members.
Manage your photostudio. Assign girls and staff members.
Buy a night club, private beach, a yacht and more.


2. Attributes

Fitness is a factor for scene quality and for dealing with some events.
Sex skills is a big factor for scene quality. Also the higher this skill is more sex positions are unlocked.
Intellect is checked when talking to girls. Higher intellect means you can figure more stats about the active NPC you’re talking to.
Charisma is important when you want to pick up or bargain with people. It’s a main character only attribute.
Happiness – If it reaches zero, NPC (or you if not disabled) will take around 7 days break to get back together. Shooting too many scenes they don’t like will quickly result to unavailability.
Beauty is a girls only attribute and greatly affects scene quality.
Potential is the soft cap to which you can train a girl.
Fame plays a role in final scene score. More famous is the model better the scene. Raise it by shooting scenes or marketing campaigns. Male fame doesn’t play any role(yet).

You can upgrade your fitness in the gym, intellect in the library, sex skills by fucking and charisma by picking up girls(succesfully or unsuccessfully).

3. Locations

You can visit many locations and participate in different activities. Most of the time will probably be spent on picking up new talent, but there’s other stuff too.

Bar – Socialize to upgrade your charisma.
Beach – Relax for some energy and happiness gain.
Hospital – Buy medicines, pick up preggos and nurses.
Park – Relax for some energy and happiness gain.
Library – Read books to upgrade your intellect.
Hotel – Rent a room for shooting porn scenes or visit the convention for some horny cosplayers.
Fitness – Work out to upgrade your fitness.
Street – Pick up whores and buy drugs.
Bank – Take loans, put money into an account.
Business center:
Store – Buy stuff.
Tattoo parlor – Unlock by progressing with special characters.
Beauty salon – Unlock by progressing with special characters.
Jewelry shop – Unlock by progressing with special characters.
Job center – Recruit staff


4. Training

Girl attributes are limited to their individual potential. You won’t be able to go much higher than their cap, so if you want a level 10 superstar aim for high potential girls.
There will be girls around with very high attributes and low potential, a sign that she’s past her prime or just not possessing the necessary skills to be a superstar.

You can also train your staff members. In most cases financally more viable since high level staff from job center is more expensive than the ones you’ve trained to high level

5. Scenes

Scene popularity is a combination of many factors:

  • Girls – Most important of them all. Her attributtes summed and multiplied with Sex Skills and Beauty having the largest impact.
  • Girls Fame – Girl’s fame is also a big factor.
  • Girls Happiness – Her happiness also affects the final score

Female actors are the most important part of the scene. Like IRL the most focus is on them.

  • Boys – Jobbers. Sucks to have a bad one, but they won’t have as big of an impact as girls.
  • Equipment – Better quality equipment = better score, pretty straightforward.
  • Staff – Only if you shoot at the studio. There are 8 of them, each can bring a maximum of 100 points.
  • Chemistry – Traits, drugs and actors preferences all play a role in the chemistry score.
  • Trends – It’s an average value from global trends, which you can see on overview tab(If you have an Analytics PA)
  • Marketing – You can pay max $1000 per scene for marketing but it doesn’t guarantee you a max marketing score. If the scene is low quality, bad overall, marketing score will be too.
  • Specials – Special bonus from certain model traits, manager perks, staff perks, events and so on.

Everything summed up and you have a final POPULARITY score and the final profit will be calculated from this score.

6. Personal Assistants

Once you open the company you’ll be able to employ PAs. They can fill certain roles in your company. Or you can just have them around for fun.

  • Publishing – Unlocks some additional data and gives you weekly reports.
  • Production – Manage the production of new scenes. You have plenty of setting in PA options to tweak what will be shooting on what days and so on.
  • Analytics – Detailed view of what is trending, how many fans you got in each category and some new sorting options.
  • Talent Search – Set your preferences in PA options and she’ll try to bring you a new model every week. More specific you are with your search, less likely it will be to find find someone.
  • Medical Advisor – Give bonuses to rehab time and keeping the chance of STD epidemic low.
  • Casting – Responsible for interviews with newcomers so you don’t need to do it yourself.
  • Lawyer – Pulling you out of shit.

Keep in mind that higher level PAs will do job better. For example level 1 PA will give you very rounded numbers in trends.

7. Studio

After you open a company you will be able to staff members and buy some new buildings.
Here you can start mass producing the porn.
To start shooting in the studio you NEED a director, a camera and a light. You can buy equipment at the store. Other staff is optional.
Buy a studio building, click on it and go to the staff tab to assign a director. Procceed to the equipment tab and assign camera and light.
Now your studio is ready to go.
On the left there’s a production button. First few times you can do it manually but it’s advised you hire a PA and assign them a production role. They will manage the production for you.
If you choose to do it manually, pick the new scene button, set the day of the shooting, type of scene and actors and in the end, conclude the scene.
The shooting will start the next day. When the status is “Shooting” (14:00 – 16:00) you can open the studio panel and take a look inside. You’ll have full control of the sex scene.
You can have up to 9 studios, although it’s not required to have that many operational since there are other ways to make money.

8. Websites


78 Responses

  1. CodeMonkey

    Kind of wish this guide listed all the “special” girls and hints on Acquiring them, and their talent sets.

  2. Overlord

    How do you unlock access to the hotel? Playing a cheat game (maxed out housing level) so I don’t need to take girls there but still can’t get maid or cosplay girls…

  3. Mr. Rocco

    Hotel dont work after 28 days.

    And hotel located in down of map near library??

    I ask because no any sign about it. no pink, no name – nothing!

    in 0.71

  4. Balu

    how can i hire guys in general ??
    i cant use the hotel even after the 100th day

  5. Jim

    Does the 14 days cooldown also apply to male actors ? Or only females ?

  6. Jim

    Where can we see the reports from the PA ? I can’t manage to find them…

  7. Maelficis

    Hi there,

    How do I increase my girls happiness? Staff is happy but all girls are happiness 0.

    • PEdev

      Only way to increase happiness is by investing points in the right skill or shooting types of scenes(girl-girl, boy-girl) in which girl has really high chemistry.
      There’s also a bug which decrease happiness way too much, it depends on which version you’re playing.

  8. RollinNugget

    Can i recruit the milf at the hotel and why cant i find her after the 2nd sex scene ?
    Plz halp me

  9. guiseppe

    how can i shoot photos ? is it not implemented yet or can’t i find it ? I’ve been trying and searching quite for a while now… thanks in advance

  10. DarbyCrash

    Ok so I don’t seem to get this game… How do you do amateur work before being able to afford a company?
    I had sex with this girl but nothing else happened afterwards

  11. krone x

    how do i earn money after convincing girls i have convinced 3 girls and now i’m running out of money

    • PEdev

      click on the girl on your dashboard, pick the camera icon top right
      then edit the scene you just shot and publish it.

    • PEdev

      click on the girl’s name on your dashboard and select the camera icon on the right

  12. That guy

    How to assign PAs, Web Admins, etc. There doesn’t seem to be any options for that.
    (ver 077a)

    • PEdev

      It was removed. Just go to the street and pick up a hooker in the first night and you’ll ahve enugh money to go by.

    • PEdev

      You have to open a studio and shoot there. There are also random events which include threesomes.

  13. Alpha gamer

    Can I add dialogues . So I can create my own story ?
    (Android version)

    • Alpha gamer

      Note: there. Are alot of bugs in the new version of the game
      You can’t work in the bar
      And when u tap on the bank girl the game crashes
      Other than that it’s a good game ngl

      • PEdev

        working in the bar was removed.
        you never had to do it in the first place.

    • PEdev

      there are some modding support in the works.
      you can add your own girl with her own story. just follow the ingame instrcutions.
      be advised modding is sorta in alpha stages and it’s prone to bugs.

  14. Marco

    Hi, is there a bug about special character not showing up? Especially on bar, been waited for ages and still doesn’t show up. Did have a chat with her at the beginning though.

    • Zen

      Same issue here. I met that lady in the hotel and she told me to meet her at the jewelry store. Still no luck in meeting her there. Also, I’m finding it hard with the whole cosplayers in the hotel convention during weekends because I really wish we can have sex with them at any time and their costumes can be optional to purchase for models. Please reply Dev if you read this. Thanks!

  15. gosu

    Sir about new item clothes help me please about new version thank you sir

  16. arnoldallisonvg4

    anything you can do with the PAs other than assign them to roles? I see you can change their appearance and stuff, but doesn’t seem like much else.

    • PEdev

      you dont work there. just pick up models in the club and buy stuff in the shop.

  17. bill

    played the older versions they were pretty cool new version wont let me make company I’m on day 24 and I cant do solo scenes for other girls even after they already had a scene with main character is the cheats causing a glitch or am I missing something

    • PEdev

      which version are you playing?
      in the recent versions you need reputation level 1 or above to open a company.

  18. Freak

    How do I hire Staff? I’m thinking its in the job center but there is not a single soul there that i can hire. I do already have a own business but still no people spawning there…

    • PEdev

      it was a bug in previous versions. sometimes they show if you click on the filters on the left

      • Extra

        Right after starting the company I can’t shoot scenes anymore – with none of the girls. What happened?

          • Extra

            I’m playing the Android version. How to hover? I now tested another run – without starting the Company. After 4 Scenes (like before) it stops giving me the option. In both versions I’m now Rep 1.

          • PEdev

            i dont think you can on android, maybe longpress…
            game wasnt really made with phones in mind.

            anyways, is your happiness low? is your char unavailable? do you have enough money? did you pick some starting perks that would prevent you from shooting with certain girls?

  19. PEdev

    i dont know which version did you play, but in older versions only tag existed. girls never spawned.

  20. JAK

    Played the latest public version (I will give you a money someday I swear) and have a few questions.

    How does one open up the club?

    The police approached me about uploading a video without permission and threatened the courts on me. How long before that takes effect?

    What are the base chances for pregnancy? I had plans to impregnate one actor in particular, and she looks no different.

    • PEdev

      in v0.796, you have to have repuation level 4 and property buying is unlocked. then you can buy the club and everything else.
      before that you had to progress the story with delia (hotel lobby lady) to unlock it.

      there’s no hard consequences of that event. you pay a fine and be done with it. if you have a lawyer not even that.

      i think it’s 20% (if you cum inside), 70% with genghis khan perk if you picked it at the start.

  21. JJDLT

    Quick question, is filming scenes the only way to train sex skill with a Female MC?

  22. Sort

    Why I Have to wait so many days to make a new scene with any girl after doing a scene? I put in option 6 scenes per week and when I make the first I have to wait like 10 days to mae another and the girl stays unavailable….

    • PEdev

      usuall if the girls doesnt like the scene type she’s about to shoot, her happiness drops real quick.
      if it reaches zero, she’s out for like a week.

  23. james ripley

    Any walk through for the sister’s at the salon wellness center. I keep messing up and have to start a new game to try again. On my 5th new start.

  24. Vinicius Castro

    sorry for being noob,but I started to play and only able of doing 1 scene,after that the camera button don’t results on anything

    • PEdev

      you can do 1 per day.
      if you hover over camera button it will tell you why it’s disabled. then go from there.

  25. Vinicius Castro

    sorry for being noob,but I started to play and only able of doing 1 scene,after that the camera button don’t results on anything

  26. Anotherone

    Is it possible to hire male actors?
    Wanna play as a girl but need a male actor for girls that prefer M-F.

    I can’t seem to find the option to hire them.

  27. Justoquestion

    I want to hire more staff but it only let me have 6…i need to do something to get more?

  28. razor

    how do i hire the tax inspector girl at the start of the game (since she dont visit me and i dont have company but have 100k$)?

    • PEdev

      here are her triggers
      shoot 2 scenes, increase reputation level to 1, open company, shoot a home scene (skip the sex if she doesnt appear), hire financial pa, earn some money(i think it’s 1mil)

    • PEdev

      just go there and talk to the woman that spawns there. you have to complete her story.

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