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  1. Claudio

    Hello estimated

    have an idea, it depends on you if they add or not it for the game

    when one any actor of the eyelash boys that pregnant will make to an actress of the eyelash girls that the result of this pregnancy is a woman or man who could serve for the business or for girls or boys as it is the result… I hope that they understand me because I speak Spanish…

    it has a good game I like very much… greetings… Claudio

  2. Matrix.MBS

    Man I remember when I was on Pornbb & giving ideas/working with Klub17 (When it was called Sexvilla) and said I wanted to create a 2D Porn game with Skeletons like how 3D Games have skeletons and also I had a problem that most XXX Games had little to with XXX (Avoid Sex to Win or Stamina Bars)…games like Sonic Charrie Maker (A Non-XXX) & Styleme Girl on Android had better/sexier customization than most XXX games.
    Now I see a few XXX games taking XXX seriously. Like SimBro which has great graphics & a Poses List (Meaning you play Different types (Doggy, Solo, Shower, 2 People, Standing positions) instead of Sex, Cum & Speed…in fact they use those options as Scenario-Base Options to access the Playlist.

    Anyways had this idea for a All “Fegal” Game/Story, based on XXX I’ve watched and find to be tamed, legal, acceptable and some rare (Behind Moon Dulce’s Report for Futa, ehentai Artist:Sparrow for Stomach Bulge, Solo DP Brutal Dildo, Rainbow Thigh-High Socks), and I wanted better (Consent-Tentacle/Etc, Non-Young/Old Related, No Males/Maledom, Tamed/NonGore/Portioned, a good Story & LOT OF XXX…Morally Okay than Questioning), but I deleted the idea…can’t recover it from anywhere.

    Well let me explain (“Name” = My Terminology)
    1. I don’t like see Males in Porn so 3 Types of Females:
    – Fegal (Paper Tubber): They have Holes, Front=Vag/Rear=Anus/Mouth/Nip and Non-Course Holes (Female + Gal – male = Fegal), have Hi-“Consent” “Course”, mostly Dress/Clothing Focus

    – Epicene (Rock Shafter): Fegals with different types of “Shafts” (Had a Whole Section for Customization on it Width/Length-2/4/8/16dm (8/16/32/64in, Bump/Bulge/Chest/Through Based on Receiver’s Body Height & Giver’s Width), Shape-HeadShaft/ShaftBody, Types-Shaft/Squid/Tube, Count-1/2/4/8/16, Location-Above.F.Hole/Above.R.Hole/From.F.Hole/From.R.Hole/Nip/Tongue, Nut Type-Butt/Fat”Hole”Lips/OvarNut, etc), but no Shemales (All Epicenes have “Holes” and don’t have hanging Nuts on their shafts), mostly Body Customization Focus

    – Devoid (Scissors Rubber): These Fegals have “Sealed” F/R/N-Holes, few have “Sealed” Mouth/Eyes/Lips/Nose Holes (They Look like Mannaquins), some have Web/Uni Feet/Hands and live off “Pudding” or “Juice” “Drain”, but the Holes are pushable (I’ve watched certain XXX, where the Fegal clothes are pushed in while being “Shafted”), mostly Course/Lingerie/Body Paint Focus, They are Legally Naked (Meaning they don’t have to wear clothes, so they usual wear Skin Tight Clothing or Bodypaint), bodies leak Lube in Course

    2. I organize ideas and also add Lore like how
    – Devoids are the Tightest and can squeeze an Epicene’s Shaft till they are left unable to walk for days, weeks or perma, this makes Epicene’s afraid of Devoids, but few Epicene’s can handle Devoids or like being used by Devoids
    – Different Prefer: AnyOne (Multi-Prefers or Hand/Digits), Defeatism (Scissor > Rock > Paper), Mech Dolls (Machinary/Power Tools, Sex Doll, Hoses, etc), Cream Vibers (Dragon Dildo + Vibrators + Customize, etc), Tool Strapper (Shape Shifting Strap-on), Mob Bang (Course with 2 or More Consenters)
    – Nip: Types-Non/Bump/Puffy/Inverted, Background-Circle/None/Square, Size-S/M/L, Shaft-able-S/M/L

    – They are all between 18/21/24dm (6/7/8feet) and age between 30 to 40 cause of Squid (A Biological Tentacle that kept them alive forever after a something caused the Maguys to disappear, but made them sterile and squid only worked on Lone Sibling between 30 to 40…they are establishing society…so some construction, education, a system, a goverment)

    – R.I.C = Reverse Intense Course: When a “Consenter” then “Non-Consenter” is harassed by “Anti-Consenter” get punished/Non-Cons grow a 16dm Squid Shaft (In which the MCU -Missing Consenters Unit- have to find Anti-Consenters that go missing cause of the Place “Ants” chose for “Non-Cons” or “Yesholes”)

    – Squid = Consent Tentacle, but also how Consenters stay alive forever

    – Drain or Draining = Liquid that pours from Body (Pudding=Thick Milky that can boost few, Juice=Drinkable from Nip/Mouth/Eyes, Ooze=Replaces Blood, Lube=Doesn’t smell at first, but makes the body look shiny & slippery/easy to rub, Liquid=Undrinkable/Waste) (Leak Volume – Droplets/Spray/Running = Wet/Soak/Drenched > Squirt/Shower/Pour > Shower/Geyser/Flood…from Shaft/Nip/Mouth/Body/F-Hole/R-Hole/etc)

    – How the government works (Consent Anywhere so Consenters coursing in the Background vs XXX with Trees in the Background also everyone tries to always Consent)

    – Fetishes (Furry, Restrain (Not Torture/Wax/Whips… just Restrain) & Vacuum Body (Heads open)…latex is apart of clothing)

    – Slang/Insult/Nickname-(Yeshole/Tunnelcake/Feg for Fegals, TreeTrunk/UglyStick/Epi for Epicenes, etc)

    – Laws (Steal, Bribe, Threat, Trick, Missing/Harass/Anti-Consenters, CDP-Cattle Drain Prison/Guards, MCU-Missing Consenter Unit/Investigators/Police, BTF-Brothel Task Force/SWAT/Army)

    – Places to go, Settings (Pose Museum, University College, Neon Raid Club, Beach-Front Brothel, Meadow Consent Field, Winter Cabin Forest, etc)

    – Diseases called CLD (Course Lock Diseases) = Basically cause Consenters to
    ++ Lock Shaft (Epicene’s Shaft is always “Aimed”, Cure by Coursing with Devoid, Caught by Being Shafted into Shaft from R-Hole and/or Shaft’s Hole)
    ++ Lock Consent (Consenter wants to Course a lot, can short/long/perma, mostly Fegals catch, Cure by Shafting, if Perma then Mech Doll Rehab or put in Poser Museum)
    ++ Lock Drain (Consenter Leaks from All holes, Caught by Being Shaft hard and Draining Hard)

    3. Story is about a Fegal named Lunar Dulcet who is in “fer” 2nd Term of “Herstory” (Allows me to explain Lore/Backstory while “fhe” gets info for quest) and 1st Term of Biology (Allows me to explain the Body Parts in detail if it were a Story) and her quest to find out what happen to Maguys.
    – Bruta Sparow a Epicene (2 8dm Shafts with a Beast Canine Shape & Fat Nut HoleLips, 7ft with Muscular Build) is Head of the University’s eNews (Allows me to mention side stories and do exploring) & Head of the Sorority Suits (Popular Pantsuit wearing Fegal group)…Lunar drain dreams about Bruta coursing fer
    – Roxray Kinjoe a Devoid who is 2nd command of Sorority Suits, secretly wants to take position from Bruta. Mostly courses with Lunar and owns a Mech Doll equipped with a Tool Strapper. She’s rich, clever and takes a Fashion Course at the .

    …I delete the idea…I think the .txt was at 40KB…I deleted it cause I need to quit XXX, but if you want to hear more reply…

      • Matrix.MBS

        Last thing I was working on was their Outfits (Based on Situation: Formal/Business, Street/Party, Swim/Beach, Labour/Hike, etc per Person) and Main Story.
        I finish the Body Types, Prefer, Drain, Body Parts, 70 Characters (Names were based on XXX I prefer***) and I needed to add more to the Backstory (Laws, Slang, Jobs, etc) and Settings (Place Names).

        *** I can’t remember them all
        Japal Otibat = Japan Lotion Bath
        Raibo Thisoc = Rainbow Thigh-Hi Socks
        Zonta Raiwex = Zone-tan & Raisa Wetsx
        Lunar Dulcet = Dulce’s Report by Behind Moon
        Bruta Sparow = Brutal Dildo & Sparrow
        Duofi Ngihol = Double Finger Holes
        Latax Catsui = Latex Catsuit
        Fisne Bodsui = Fishnet Bodysuit

    • PEdev

      I must say you’ve certainly thought hard about this.
      This could only work as a text game. There’s like 2 years of drawing if you want to show this in pictures or animations.

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