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Want to support the game and don’t want to deal with Patreon?

Well now you have an option to do so. Here’s a list of crypto coins you can donate.

If you feel like you have donated large ammount of money drop a mail with your wishes and I’ll try to make them come true.

Bitcoin: 1Dv3LJMQggjJK82qbigbdXm3reR2zEoaGZ
Etherum: 0x3659816c7987c2f1b72521d01e310bc4ef39d511
Etherum Cash: 0x2d38b800975882ceeff273a3d4527896be2c308c
LiteCoin: LZsXsMRTuhA9zcAcpe6FxgXyTRpmn9oqZt
Dash: XqY1MidgyvLgxSiS47nuUQtDYTyDGf7zmz
ZCash: t1NXoDNMznWv2z3gbZX9ZC6e7nTE4a9XcAg
Bitcoin Cash: 1JV4xzwzmuJBkxP5EH7cZi7fNK636uCxYB

Thanks for the support.

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