v0.795 Changelog

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Changelog v0.795

  • Resizing the outfits.
  • 7 female body types.
  • 4 male body types.
  • 3 new special characters.


  • Sauna, Jacuzzi, Massage all part of the wellness center (old beauty salon)
  • Yoga studio


    • New backgrounds
    • New outfits


  • Different body sizes.
  • Auto production options redesign.
  • Reputation levels and unlocking game mechanics.
  • Slider for staff salaries with satisfaction indicator.
  • Expiring contract filter.
  • Decreased popularity penalty.
  • Models you’ve promised for using your pool, beach or yacht will be there.
  • Girlfriends will also appear on those places.
  • Default scene titles (thanks to user Hozchelaga).
  • A lot of new local names (thanks to  user Hozchelaga).
  • Website financial data.
  • Amateur tag when shooting at home. Brings less money than “Pro” studio scenes.
  • Pregnancy chance bumped to 20% if you cum inside.
  • Genghis Khan perk bumped to +50% pregnancy chance.
  • Auto production options: Separate option for allowing agency models to be cast for each gender.


  • Fixed country picker.
  • Outfit selector for females.

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