v0.82 Changelog

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v0.82 Male & Female haircuts Outfits New backgrounds Uncut dicks Saggy tits Some UI rework. Rebalance of the game progression. Quite a bit of work put into this to make things a bit easier to start. Work contracts, various bonuses, … Continued

v0.81 Changelog

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New haircuts, eyes, backgrounds and night variations. 5 cosplay girls in hotel POV scenes (M-F only). Skill based jobs. Scenes list have same filters as actors list. When changing tattoos you can pick if the model is alt or not. … Continued

v0.798 Changelog

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Animation Pissing (only showers and dungeon) Spanking Pegging Art Sex dungeon background Male dark brown eyes Fem pubes Flat tits Fem haircuts, eyes, eyebrows, noses and mouths 2 male outfits 2 new cosplay characters Char creation Moddable eyes, eyebrows, nose … Continued

Changelog v0.797

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Art New female hairstyles, eyes, mouths and more Male beards, hairstyles and eyes Male tattoos Sound Replaced a lot of low quality noisy sound effects with better ones Deep throat fx Animation FFF scenes Other 5 new cosplay chars 3 … Continued

Changelog v0.796

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3 new cosplay characters Art New female hairstyles More hair colors 15 new outfits Animation Few new FFM and MF animations Gameplay AI Rivals: -Buy smaller websites to gain market share. -Merge these websites with your own. Some subscriber may … Continued

v0.795 Changelog

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Changelog v0.795 Resizing the outfits. 7 female body types. 4 male body types. 3 new special characters. Locations Sauna, Jacuzzi, Massage all part of the wellness center (old beauty salon) Yoga studio Art New backgrounds New outfits Gameplay Different body … Continued

v0.79 Changelog

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Download here:   Changelog v0.79 Optimizing the code for home office at the later stages. A lot of scenes were causing long load times. Also character portraits are now generated and saved for future use. Also contribute to load times. … Continued

v0.79 Developer version Changelogs

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Download here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/update-v0-79-dev-35114048 – DEVELOPER VERSION Latest stable build: https://www.patreon.com/posts/update-v0-78-32613473 Changelog v0.79 – DEV 1 – IN PROGRESS 2 new special character Reintroducing atlas sheets. Load times for pool (all girls) are more than twice as fast. Players with low … Continued

DEV v0.78 Changelog

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This is development version Change log. Hence it’s still unfinished and may change. Click here to get DEV v0.78! Art 5 new nipple piercings Bank Eyes with pupils Smeared makeup Animations Few more BJ animations + cum in mouth Location … Continued

v0.77 Changelog

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Code Moving from Godot2 to Godot3 Rewritten most of the code Convert to static typing Groundwork for modding support Art 2 new tits sizes Male faces 2 new locations 7 new backgrounds Female hairstyles Game play Rewritten random events. Ability … Continued