v0.798 Changelog

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Pissing (only showers and dungeon)

Sex dungeon background
Male dark brown eyes
Fem pubes
Flat tits
Fem haircuts, eyes, eyebrows, noses and mouths
2 male outfits
2 new cosplay characters

Char creation
Moddable eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth heights. Also available for surgeries and mod characters.

Stats tab: Daily website subscriber stats.
Use !trait_name in name filter to show girls with that particular trair. Example: !ath will show all girls with Athletic trait.
Photo contracts bring even more money.
Models won’t shoot if you don’t provide substances they’re addicted to.
Retirement reworked. It’s not on a predetermined date anymore. Progress bar goes up each day. You can slow the process by keeping them happy, rich, occupied, …
Added Relationships. Can boost it by calling them to the office.
Small expansion of GF mechanics.
GF/BF will break up if relationship drops below 10.
Corruption of staff members possible.
Tax manipulation.

Seperate letter and number grading.
Option to use stat descriptor + number.

Virgins, camgirls, photomodels and contract models can’t randomly get STD.
Removed possible pregnancy if you skip scenes.

Earn money command. {“earn”:1000} to get $1000.
Fix with some variables defaulting when importing the character.
Some additional spawning locations.

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  1. sepeteus

    If you corrupt staff member enough and get to do a sex scene with her, the game freezes after that. Only 1 possible answer, which keeps repeating.

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