v0.81 Changelog

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New haircuts, eyes, backgrounds and night variations.
5 cosplay girls in hotel

POV scenes (M-F only).
Skill based jobs.

Scenes list have same filters as actors list.
When changing tattoos you can pick if the model is alt or not.
Changing appearance of your models is now tied to your relationship with them and their intellect. Dumber they are easier is to convince them to do body modifications.
Photostudio contracts will give more money if you have better staff and equipment. Same applies for models. If requirement is level 4 and you give level 10, you’ll get a bonus.
Relationship now counts when girl is about to retire.
Staff salary can be auto adjustes to their level in financial PA options.
Relationships increases if your partner reaches orgasm during sexscene.
Option menu: Pick if pregnancies are possible when skipping scenes.
Taxes are tiered based on your rep level.
Changing jewerly increases relationship.
Export girls from the list (right click -> export). Might crash your game, only use for testing.
You can do promo shots to boost fame at social media panel.
Actor->Info tab shows how much you invested into her (training, surgeries, gifts…) .
Many other QOL and bugfixes.

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