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  1. Monex

    I see a stable on the new map. Is it possible to change it into a barn and add new event that lead to lactation fetish? ex.milking in the barn, and maybe earn some profit from it

  2. Jewolski

    bugs/issues in V0.8b:
    Fert pills no longer do anything, and are unusable.
    yacht parties don’t work
    stealing models from rivals doesn’t add them to roster, but does add them to the mansion
    game now has a much greater issue when using the cheat menu to spawn staff
    some stables girls will randomly crash the game when recruited
    beauty, despite being listed as a female only stat is now also a male stat

    Unknown if intentional:
    the Bar girl will not be recruited it seems (unless she moves to a new location in this update)
    car wash girl is also non-recruitable, and does not return
    restaurant, cinema, military base, police station, docks and cave all unused, with caves being particularly buggy.

    • PEdev

      thanks for the report. i’ll fix those.
      attributes were merged so now everyone has everything, including male and beauty. it doesnt do much tho…

      you mean the blonde milf in the bar?
      carwash chicks isnt recruitable.
      theres nothing in those locations, in the next few updates.

    • Jewolski

      Cheat menu glitch: buffs from added abilities stack infinitely, resulting in extreme values

    • Monex

      I play the android version. Yatcht party is working for me. As for stealing models from rival, you need to have PA as financial advisor. I still can recruit the bar girl.

  3. William

    When I send girls to cam show it crashes immediately…Even the main girl…

    Was also crashing at bar but that was when I had mod girls appearing in bar …This worked sometimes and not others so I removed all the .gd files…Now that works fine… So ill have to figure out what I did…

    but I cant figure out the cam thing…This is on a game with no cheating (other than some stacking of perks)

    • PEdev

      old modded girls had problems. i mean, it could still happen.
      make sure you’re playing v0.8b

      you can send me the savegame and i’ll be able to fix it quickly

      • William

        I joined Patreon and downloaded 8b instead of 8… But as soon as i send a girl to Cam Show it ends back to windows… Great game by the way… Like the Stardew Valley of porn 🙂 This game has no cheats or mods

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