v0.83 Changelog

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v0.83 Changelog

Fem protag: Ability to prostitute yourself at some locations at the lost of reputation
Fem protag: BFs now appear in the mansion
Weibull distribution for earnings ( https://www.itl.nist.gov/div898/handbook/eda/section3/eda3668.htm , probability density functiny, gamma = 2)
Custom toolitps with more info
Name lists color coding – set what color will name be displayed. For example, all contract girls = blue name, all sick girls = green name…
Export porn scenes data to a .csv.
Production PA now chooses girls aligned with trends.
New weights for Production PA choosing -> The weight values you set in Prod PA options screen for that studio (0-10) + Her likes value for chosen scene type (0-5) + Is on contract (5) + trends (0-15) + best stats if enabled (1-5)



Option to select relationship to the main character.
Option to select where the character will spawn if you’re not using conversation files. Current option are random, starting girl or rival model.
Sprite modding (experimental)

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