Changelog v0.797

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New female hairstyles, eyes, mouths and more
Male beards, hairstyles and eyes
Male tattoos

Replaced a lot of low quality noisy sound effects with better ones
Deep throat fx

FFF scenes

5 new cosplay chars
3 new events
2 male special characters (female only)

You can now buy pool at rep level 2, nightclub and beach at lvl 3 and yacht at lvl 4.
You can assign custom group to work in the studio.
Put girls to work in night club.
Starting perks changed to backgrounds.
Extended list of website categories.
Main Menu Option: choose showing of attribute values with numbers or letter & descriptors.
Likeness levels reworked so it starts with Solo and go up to Gangbang.
Girls roll depravity factor at creation which sets the likeness levels. Some traits (and later events) affect the depravity and can raise overall likeness.
Delete all mail in mobile phone.
Talent search changed from random rolls to “days till”. Better the PA faster it will find new talent.
Smeared makeup only happen after prolonged fucking in either deep throat or anal scenes at full speed.
Add companions to your “party” and open up the ability to have threesomes/gangbangs.
Rival models retire and are usually replaced with another model.
Model wants longer contracts if she have to shoot scenes she doesn’t like.
Agencies are regional and spawn all tiers of girls.
Chance for rival girls to attend your parties if your reputation level is high enough.
If you have a lawyer you can end the rival model contract by paying a fee, then sign her yourself.
Used condoms shown if you cum while wearing the condom.

Create character bio
Select a job
Importing the file sets all the parameters correctly
Putting the just the character file into mods/characters/ directory result in modded girls to spawn as rival stars

Fixed crashes related to fem MC
Fixed crashes related to camgirls
A lot of minor ones









Rivals won’t sign the model for 14 days after:
-You first meet the model
-You terminate her contract with a lawyer

Difficulty option: Contract limit. 20, 100 or unlimited.

FFF with cops crashed

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