Changelog v0.796

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3 new cosplay characters


New female hairstyles

More hair colors

15 new outfits


Few new FFM and MF animations


AI Rivals:

-Buy smaller websites to gain market share.

-Merge these websites with your own. Some subscriber may be gone if quality difference is too big.

-Bankrupt big rivals if you manage to push their market share down.

-Steal their models at conventions and hurt their market share this way.

Most locations have default clothing settings in sex scenes

More options when throwing parties

New traits for female models

Bio’s for models

During casting interview you can ask models what are their hobbies, what’s their motivation which is then shown in their bio. Makes each of them a little more unique.

Custom tags/groups


Female main char:

If you had sex with a guy when recruiting, there’s an option to choose that will significantly boost the favor meter.

More male NPCs in the club.

Special character story now available.

+Lot of Bug fixes

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