Version 0.4 available for patreons

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You can see the screenshots here:

Download link at patreon(For Patreons only):

– Skip intro dialog with a mouse click
– Higher level assistant will find girls that are on your level and also more of them. Check mail every week.
– Higher level assistant has a higher chance of finding girls in line of the current trend.
– Low level assistant will be more likely to find wrong trends and fan demands.
– When placing an ad you can now choose specific category of girls you are looking for. It’s more expensive tho.
– You can buy drugs at the street.
– You can offer drugs to the girl. Based on her traits some will take it, some will refuse it.
Drugs boost scene chemistry and other stats. If she takes it enough times she’ll get an “Addict” trait.
This reduces her price by half, but her attributes will slowly decrease.
In coming updates she’ll be willing to do more hardcore stuff if drugged.

– On website tab you can now see predicted happiness for the next day. How much and from what.
– You can now rent a hotel room for a week ($500)
– At the hotel you can now see girl’s stats
– New location – Library
Move building intellect from park to library since it makes more sense
Study requierments are the same as reading in park
Chicks also spawn here and you can fuck them onsite

– A little redisign (not completely done, will see if anyone like it first)

-Cheats (  )

– Since more and more events are in the game (and more are coming), I had to rewrite the code for managing events. Make it more flexible,  easier and faster to add new ones.

Girl was still in hotel list even if she was deleted
Availabilty for certain girls was broken
Some minor bugs


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