New version v0.41

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Just a small animations update. Put in the comments if you like it or not.

Added alot of new animations and retouched most of the of the old ones.
Complete animation overhaul. Every position has 3 stages + climax.
Stage  1  is accessible to every girl,  2 and 3 are possible only with girls who have higher “Sex Skills” levels.
There are also transitions between stages and cumshot. Just press the “FUCK” button to advance to next stage and cum when you had enough.
If you stay at the same stage after pressing “FUCK”, that means girl dont have the skills. New button “CHANGE POSITION” means exactly that.

2 new haircuts + 1 color for whatever reason. It was half done so why not.
One face was ugly as sin, so i changed it a little. Not much better, but i think it doesn’t look so appalling anymore.

When you talk to a girl, there are now some ease in animations. Background dimm out a little, girls fly over to the side so you can see her better. Coz everyone wants to see my creations up close.

Some bugfixes which occured when replacing your old assistant with a new one.
Stupid bug on day 7 wa still there. I hope it’s now gone forever

Download link available at

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