0.5 – New art

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Download for windows: http://bit.ly/2w0rlI9

You can support the development of the game on https://www.patreon.com/pornempire

New Art and animations. MF only for now. As it was before + some more.

Girls tab with some more filter options.
Also names are colored based on their status.
-Green: Is already paid and available now
-Yellow: Doesn’t want to shot at your place OR 14 days haven’t past from the    last time her scene got published. You can still shoot with her if you meet the house requierements, just don’t publish the video right away cause you get some popularity penalty
-Red: She’s unavailable

You can now reverse the order in stats tab, so when you’re playing for a long time you don’t have to scroll for 10 minutes to get the desired data.

Movies tab also got some new filters for more control.

Girls have global popularity now. It’s a bonus thats added to the scene quality. It also influences her price per scene. More popular, more money she wants.
Popularity rises as you publish high quality scenes with her in it and drops through time and inactivity.

Complete redo of the trends system
All the trends are now listed and have a value between 0-100. They change daily. When shooting a scene, the average of all your scene categories are taken.
You cannot influence the trends(In the future you most likely will). You’ll need a personal assistant for trends to show. Low level PA can give you predictions that are way out there. That’s what you get for hiring dumb employees.

You can now have multiple websites, each with specific category. You can only publish scenes which have the same category.
As you become more popular the money you’re getting from posting videos on the internet starts do decrease(piracy hah), so the primary source of income are websites. You still have to upload “free” videos, so you’ll get more fans and with it more subscribers.

Eqiupment got 5 levels now and theres only cameras and lights. Bedrooms are now part of house improvements.

You can hire staff now. Buy the office at the store(yeah) and you can hire people now. Each of them has 5 levels. Everyone adds quality to the scene except helpers and web admins. I have not assign any meaningful role to them, so you can just not hire them for now. Level 1 employee gives you +10 quality, level 5 adds 50. They don’t do much else right now other than provide quality, but they will in the future.

Rework of the scene quality and popularity mechanics, so i can include staff factors as well. Some things now have bigger impact like girls and trends.

You can name your company now.

Some new cheats. On world map press
ctrl+1 – Add lvl 1 girl to your list
ctrl+2 – lvl 2
ctrl+3 – lvl 3
ctrl+4 – lvl 4
ctrl+5 – lvl 5


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