New version! 0.51 for patreons + changelog

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Art & Animations:

-Some new haircuts and outfits.

-New breast shapes.

-After cumshot, cum stays on the face or body.

-New animations. Few blowjobs, handjob, pussy licking, titfuck & footjob.

-Creampies! You can finish inside, you can finish outside and in certain positions directly on the face.

-New MF position, beach exclusive.

-If you missed the previous quickfix update, there are tons of new tattoos.

Gameplay changes:

-When you talk to the girl and ask for a name her characteristic will be shown. That way you can easily see if she’s a milf, teen or some other thing you can’t make out visually.

-Every upgrade was made cheaper.

-You now earn more money from a scene.

-Global trends have bigger impact on the scene popularity.

-Fans to subscribers ratio is increased, which means you’ll get more subs from uploading videos. Less grinding.

-You can hire a security guard now. He will help you with thieves, fights and other stuff. If you have a level 5 guard there will be no stealing.

Same if you have 2 guards(level 2 and a level 3 ). So 5 is the magic number. Everything lower than 5, stealing can happen but less will be stolen.

-You’ll get a message if your employee happiness drop under 20 and he/she will quit if happiness reach 0.

-Advertisment slider when uploading scenes now works again. It gives you maximum 200 popularity, but only if the scene is top quality.

-New button in overview tab ( FANS ) – You can see number fans by category. So you won’t open website categories in which you have no fans.

-You can get your dick sucked not just at home, but all around the city.

-Drinking in bar no longer add stress.

-Casual fucking around town lowers the stress.

-Milfs spawn more often in a bar and teens in a library. Every girl with schoolgirl outfit is a teen now.

-Every girl has a preferences now. So skin color, hair color, eyes color and favorite attribute(so fitness guy, smart guy,…)

This will come into play when picking them up and with scene chemistry. Not every girl has all 4 prefs, in fact there are rare.

Some like pale redhaired dudes with blue eyes, some latino guys, some just smart guys. You get the point.

-Your charisma att usually runs over above preferences if high enough. Picking up girls success rate will be higher. Does not come into play in scene chemistry.

-Your fitness att lowers the ammount of energy spend in some actions. Like shooting porn.

-Your intellect att affects the success of advertising your websites and scenes.

-Reminder, eventhough you have every fan in the boy-girl category(since it’s the only possible scene for now), boy-girl websites will not make more money than niche ones.

Since I change a lot of values and equations, some weird stuff could happen like having more fans in one category than total fans. It should correct itself after ending the day. Could also mess up the websites and subscribers.

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