0.74 Changelog

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v0.74 Changelog

-Every costume, except special ones, has 5 variations.
-Sexy clothing. Corsets, garter belts, …
-Gym background

-Change to real dates
-Starting perks
-Retirement options for models
-Contract girls. Offer girl a contract and she’ll work exclusively for you.
-Cheat Panel
-Change clothes for guys
-Change guys appearance
-Change skin color
-Ability to change eyebrows and pubes color separably.
-See girls and boys stats when hovering. More data shown if you have higher intellect.
-Casting agency is tiered. More popular you are, more models are available.
-Auto publish system. New PA role – Publishing.
-PA role – Production – is not by floor anymore. One PA can now cover all studios.
-PA role – Production – You can now choose on which days studios can shoot. (Monday-Saturday)
-PA role – Marketing – Option to set automatic advertising of scenes
-Option to set max movies per week for models.
-Editors now auto edit available scenes (they are swapped with helpers in studio).
-Manual production redone. It uses same UI as in office, so you can now see likes/dislikes and sort them accordingly.
-You can revisit convention girls and take them for a ride.
-Dudes can take drugs.
-Talent Search PA role redone. More options to choose.
-Placing ads removed. You can get models and staff at casting agency/job center.
-UI actor/scene categories are hidden if there’s nothing to list.
-Hover tooltips across for additional info. Disabled buttons will show more info on why that’s the case. Hovering over scene list will show you when the popularity penalty will end and so on.
-Models gain experience weekly and by shooting scenes. Their attributes will slowly raise.
-Option to enable automatic weekly beauty salon visits.
-Various QOL improvements.

-When changing appearance, clothing options weren’t saved .
-Girl looks weren’t updated when going to surgery.
-Female main char had wrong characteristic at creation.
-Condom use option was not saved.
-FEM MC: Friend event went to FFM, instead of FF.
-FEM MC: Some texts referred to you as male.
-Fixed Jenny and Carmen sex scene positions.
-Couldn’t sort the staff in descending order
-Whole lot of small bugs

v0.74a Changelog
-Code optimization. Skipping time is much faster.
-Studying in library didn’t add Stress.
-Couldn’t change eyebrows and pubes color outside of character creation.
-Girls weren’t naked in surgery/tattoo customization so it was impossible to see changes.
-Back right arm tattoo was hidden.
-Random level distribution for agency models and staff (until we find a better solution).
-Agency models and staff change more often.
-Websites: bug prevented opening 2 or more websites.
-Websites: Subscriptions were still set on weekly instead of monthly.
-Websites: Marketing removed until next update to avoid savegame breakage.
-Pregnancy fixed.
-Staff Pregnancy fixed.
-Skip 12h and skip to next day 8am button.

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