0.75 Changelog

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Available at https://www.patreon.com/posts/new-update-v0-75-23617997  for $1 Patreons.

More code refactoring and optimization

Female hair types.
New tits.
F & M eyes, outfits and noses.
New backgrounds – Gym locker room & shower

New sex animations


Low level actors(M and F) are visually different from higher level ones.
Option for “max scenes per week” now defaults to 1
Full male customization.
Security levels + break-in events moved to random events.
Staff bling.
Merging Trends and Reports PA roles. Now just “Analytics”
Moved text from Info to Stats tab. You now have every important info on 1 tab.
Talent search and Retirement moved from mails to an actual event. You have a conversation with few choices.
You can fuck every staff member as a FEM MC. Raise their happiness if they are stressed.
Website changed.
Global trends behavior changed.
FEM MC: You can go MMF threesome if seduce check is passed in the city.
FEM MC: You can fuck an angry BF to resolve the conflict.
Retirement is now an event.
Talent search is now an event.

MILF or Teen characteristic was added when you changed the appearance of the girl.
Couldn’t hire weekly talents.
After deleting all websites game broke down.
Faces were swapped in FFM scenes.
When changing appearance wrong type of breasts were showing.
Fixed some outfits clipping issues.
Fixed some floating cloth pieces.
In sex scenes eyebrows/pubes colors were wrong.
Autoschedule checkbox options are now also on likeness tab. This will save you a click or two.
PA autoproduction by best stats didn’t work correctly.
PA autoprodcution now prioritize contract girls.
Some random events were triggered for retired actors
Talent search models had ALL likeness
Male backside hair didn’t show.
Fixed repeating events.


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