0.75e Hotfix Changelog

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v0.75e Changelog


-PA production: A button to set the minimum scene type likeness for all models. Instead of manually setting for every girl in which movie types(solo, girl-girl,…) she can be scheduled
you can now set this for all the models with one click. Set the limit with a slider and press the button and you’re done.
-You can no longer skip by more than 24 hours. If time is between midnight and 8AM it will skip to 8AM the same day.
-“Minimum happiness” slider at manual production screen.
-If employee happiness is below 50 their name will change color.
-Lowered equipment maintenance cost and degradation.
-When training employee their salary will automatically raise to their level.
-Trained staff will be cheaper then same level staff from agency


-Some staff members were assigned to multiple studios. If this bug happened to you, clear all the spots from all studios then reassign them again.
-Mon Capitan perk was bugged.
-You could visit locations after they were closed.
-Minor bugs

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