v0.76 Changelog

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-New female haircuts and accessories
-New special girls in hotel,  Chun-li and Cammy
-Night backgrounds
-New male and female outfits
-New trait system. They give significant bonuses now. Skills are removed for now.
-Rewritten pickup process. After you recruit a girl you need to do a casting photoshoot to reveal her potential and likes.
-Street girls can go straight to shooting, no casting needed.
-You have the option to recruit NPCs as a staff member.
-Agency models now visible in “main” list. No need to hire them. Multiple agencies with some sort of reputation system coming soon. 
-After completing the recruitment of special girls, in most cases you’ll get a special trait.
-Prices categorized by scene type.
-Stress was removed, merged with Happiness.
-Clothes are now categorized.
-Contracts. You can fulfill them for extra cash.
-Unlockable outfits.
-NPCs have age and nationality
-When you buy a building it’s not studio by default. You must turn it into one.
-Removed house improvements. Upgrade you office at studio overview and your bedroom from home scene. 
-Girls with under 10% likeness in specific scene type will not shoot it.
-Pregnant girls spawn in hospital.
-You can get pregnant as a female MC.
-Addict trait doesn’t affect attributes anymore but has other undesirable effects.
-Better notification system.
-More info is shown during retirement event. If model is in favorites list, how many movies did she appear in and meet day. 
-Getting a STD now last for 20 days, unless you get treatment.
-Pregnancies last longer.
-Auto production options changed so you can now set exactly which scene types and categories can be shot in the studio
-Sex scenes random position now choose from all the animations not just the first step
-You can undress models during sex scenes individually
-Perk system changed to have good and bad effects, almost like Fallout 1 & 2 traits
As always fixed a lot of bugs and added some quality of life improvements which aren’t specifically noted but helpful nonetheless.
-Alt girls in tattoo shop crashed the game.
-You paid for the scene even if actor was on contract.
-Pregnant girls from the hospital didn’t have the preggo tag.
-Couldn’t do photoshoots with multiple models.
-When manually scheduling scenes it now auto jumps to the next available date
-More detailed view of production cost
-Name filter at home. On models list top left, there’s a text input where you can start typing a name and it will act as a filter. Easier to find someone.
-Dates didn’t update in manual production scene
-Crash if you wanted to take a peek into the photo studio(it’s not possible)
-Some smaller bugs

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