v0.77 Changelog

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  • Moving from Godot2 to Godot3
  • Rewritten most of the code
  • Convert to static typing
  • Groundwork for modding support


  • 2 new tits sizes
  • Male faces
  • 2 new locations
  • 7 new backgrounds
  • Female hairstyles

Game play

  • Rewritten random events.
  • Ability to buy properties. No management of them yet, but it’s planned.
  • Stats tab: Graphs and more info.
  • You can buy outfits.
  • Website overhaul.
  • Fitness attribute drops a little every week. You need to visit the gym regularly.
  • Pregnancy stages.
  • Pregnancy duration slider in options.
  • Models can get pregnant with anyone not just MC.
  • Casting can be done with an interview or by photo-shoot.
  • Change recruiting of the models.
  • More options where to publish videos.
  • Talent search PA is now chance based. You set the parameters and chance % is calculated.


  • FFFM


  • Model lists: Folded sections stay folded after actions
  • Model lists: Sorting stay the same after actions
  • Auto-production: You can now set the priority for scene types. Scene type with the highest priority will be scheduled. If there are no available models for that scene type it will try the next in line.
  • Auto-production: Set the priority for characteristics. For example if you set Blondes to 10 they will be chosen over others.
  • Happiness drop doesn’t effect MC option at the start of the new game.
  • You can disable happiness drop when starting a new game.
  • Fertility pills are stack-able.

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