DEV v0.78 Changelog

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This is development version Change log. Hence it’s still unfinished and may change.

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  • 5 new nipple piercings
  • Bank
  • Eyes with pupils
  • Smeared makeup


  • Few more BJ animations + cum in mouth


  • Bank. Take loans, deposit and withdraw money.

Game play

  • Make the biggest breasts rare and give them “Massive Tits” tag.
  • Interracial tag + options table
  • Petite and BBW tags
  • Small redesign of the studio tabs. Also when clicking on a building the correct tab will open.
  • PA will not schedule diseased models
  • New agency for ebony models (new game only)
  • Monthly tax when company is open
  • Website second category and re-balance
  • Expanded boyfriend revenge event. You can now fuck his girlfriend after you beat him or security handle him successfully
  • You can put agency models only if you pay fee. For models from high class agency you also need high company reputation.
  • Wait button at each location to refresh all NPCs
  • Piercings aligned (finally)
  • Ability to secretly record a scene and later publish it. Risky but you don’t need to pay.
  • Redesign of the manual production, assigning people to contracts and cam shows.
  • Days since the last scene slider added to manual production.


  • Auto-save Option – daily, weekly or disabled


  • Freeze when trying to recruit a girl after sex.
  • Names in conversation were hidden.
  • You can shoot FEM MC solos scenes and with models on contract even with negative money.
  • In some cases FEM MC was in solo scene instead of the other model.


  • Female muscle body type
  • Testing the persistence of the NPCs on the location. Say bartender will be in place for 6 hours before replaced with a new one.

4 Responses

  1. Lol

    Hey I got suggestion. Add a option that u can add ur own audio in sex scene
    Idk it’s just a suggestion.

  2. Mr. Fantozzi

    Thanks for this funny game. Please don’t turn it into serious porn and keep it on a humorous cartoonish level. There are plenty of porn movies out there. A real game shouldn’t try to be a competitor.

    Modding: seems I’m too dumb to create a dialoge that make sense. Hey! Wait! Inside the game, I mean, not in real life! Even if you explained the structure inside the provided gd-file very well. Doesn’t help. Would it be possible to share a filled example?

    In return I could share my created npcs …

    Thank you.

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