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Download here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/update-v0-79-dev-35114048 – DEVELOPER VERSION

Latest stable build: https://www.patreon.com/posts/update-v0-78-32613473

Changelog v0.79 – DEV 1 – IN PROGRESS

  • 2 new special character
  • Reintroducing atlas sheets. Load times for pool (all girls) are more than twice as fast. Players with low end machines and android will benefit the most.


  • Move all buyable properties on one tab, including upgrading the office and home.
  • Cheat panel – new options for spawning girls.
  • Tweak talent search chances.
  • Casting report – By clicking on take a look button you’ll jump straight to model’s profile.
  • Skip sex scenes button at home.
  • Delete website button.
  • Company reputation included in marketing score.
  • Drug mechanic expanded. More drugs, more effects.
  • Casting interview changed. After initial impression and standard questions you can make promises to the model. This will raise favor and chance of success in the end. If you won’t keep them they’re gone.
  • You can offer contract extension 21 days before it ends. Changed from 7.



  • Talent search PA couldn’t find male models.
  • Fonts didn’t have latin extended letters.
  • Other minor fixes.


  • Savegames sorted by date
  • Keyboard shortcuts 1-10 for conversation options
  • Flags and little redesign of the country picker at char creation


  • spawn options on dev panel.


v0.79 – DEV 2 – IN PROGRESS

Optimizing the code for home office at the later stages. A lot of scenes were causing long load times.
Also character portraits are now generated and saved for future use. Also contribute to load times.

-Customize dirty talk on options menu. Add your own lines, remove default ones. Can also edit the file in your /mods directory(same location as saves)
-Equipment not used in studio gives bonus to the scene you shoot at home.
-Model agency changed so you can spend your reputation to unlock new recruits.
-Work contracts give additional rewards. New models, new traits for models, fame, reputation and more.
-Bad traits that have happiness effects actually work now. Careful with obnoxius, crazy and cantakerous girls.
-Shooting 6 days a week can make your staff really unhappy.
-Staff don’t quit when reaching 0 happiness. You have 1 week period to sort it out. If you fail to keep it above 10, they’ll quit.
-Zoom on sex scenes work again
-Scheduled section on models list. Models that are scheduled in a scene will be listed there.
-New column last scene shot on models list. You can sort them to see which ones have yet to shoot a scene or havent been in one for some time.
-Pick managers perk when you promote them.
-RPS minigame modified (heavily) in your favor
-Little dice poker minigame at the hotel convention

-Bank lady crashed if you used old save.
-Fixed staff assigning bug in studio.
-The eternal floating fur overcoat bug (hopefully) fixed
-Zoom on sex scenes working again
-Screen shake on sex scenes working again


v0.79 – DEV 3 – IN PROGRESS

  • New cosplay characters
  • New story characters



    • A lot of new backgrounds
    • More mouths + changed so it will be possible to have custom colors.


  • New events around the city



  • New game option: Select a region from which the girls will be spawned, instead of just MC country.
  • Change how photostudio works. It’s a passive income building similar to camshows. You still need to assign some staff and equipment.
  • Photostudio scenes reworked. You can scroll through assigned photomodels.
  • Rebalance the camgirls and make them easier to recruit.
  • Categorized sex positions. (Blowjobs, handjobs, deep throat…). These tags are also added to the pornscene if you use taht positions.
  • Websites dedicated to a pornstar. Good niche score and the best way to keep pornstar happy. Right click on the model and select add site.
  • Adding to favorites also moved to a right click menu.



  • Traits now work.
  • Spawning in locations is fixed.



  • Bank locked after completing the story there.
  • Sex minigame didnt work at home.
  • Marketing was deducted when hovering over publish button.
  • Other minor bugs.



v0.79 – DEV 4 – in progress

Yacht – Buy it on properties tab once you unlocked it

2 new random events.

You can see likeness values and potential when doing a casting interview.
Restructured retirement event.
Due to popular demand you can add girlfriends. You can have maximum of (charisma / 20) gfs. Right click, invite to office, go on a date, done. More elaborate system will come later.
You can only fuck staff members you’re in a relationship with.
Reputation can be raised by keeping the staff happy, having low std epidemic threat, helping NPCs in random events (like paying for seminars and such) and fulfilling the work contracts. Photoshoot contracts are THE way to raise reputation. Low average happiness and high std epidemic chance will lower your reputation.
Reputation affects the chance of casting interviews, marketing scores, points for agency models, number of work contracts and more. Important to keep it high. Marketing campaigns can also boost reputation but they’re expensive.
Only photomodels on contract can work in the photostudio. Money + other special rewards are buffed.
Offering the contract has more options. You can select what scene types she will shoot and cost will depend on her likeness. There are also camgirl and photomodel exclusivity contracts.

Added model variety percentage to websites. If you upload the same girl to the website all the time, subscribers will start to get angry and eventually leave. Keep the variety high. Does not apply for personal sites.

Mysterious money sink fixed.
Selecting the region at the start didn’t work.
Random crashes with events.

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  1. Oscar

    How do we go about using the developer option for event spawning. I’m not able to make it work on the new version released today

    • PEdev

      once you click the event button it’s put in the queue.
      some events take a day to appear, some few days.
      some are just placeholders and will never appear.

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