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Here are the commands you can use in conversations.
I’m not really a good technical writer so if you have any questions drop a mail or contact me on patreon.
You can also suggest new commands if you need them for your story.


Where it says variant you usually use true or some number. It doesn’t matter what it is but it has to be there since it isn’t allowed to have an empty space.
{“end”:true} = {“end”:0} = {“end”:”whatever”}
All the above will end the conversation

You can add multiple commands to a line. Seperate them by comma and put them into {}
{ “fail”:4, “pay”:500, “beaten”:5, “end”:true }
You fail the step 4, you have to pay 500 bucks, you’re beaten and will be unavailable for 5 days and the conversation will end.

Conversation Commands

“end”: variant
End the conversation

Complete the character story arch. After this line they will not spawn again.

“karma”: value
Modify your karma by the number you provided. Can be negative.
#Karma doesn’t have any effect on gameplay yet. It’s fully implemented and it is keeping track of your actions tho.

“add_attribute”: {“attribute”:att, “value”:number}
possible att values:
“Beauty”,”Intellect”,”Fitness”,”Sex Skills” and “Random”
If you pick “Random”, one of the four attributes will get modified

“jump”: step
Go to to step
Used when you have multiple commands on 1 line and can’t use the short version (short version being just a step number)

{ “pay”:1000, “favor”:10, “jump”:19}
You’ll pay 1000 bucks, gain 10 favor and finally jump to step 19

“unavailable”: how_long
Ammount of days NPC will become unavailable


“change_status”: new_status
Changes girl status, for example from newcomer to a freelancer.


“change_background”: where
Changes background


“change_clothes”:[outfit_number, outfit_variation]
Changes outfit.


“modify_happiness”: ammount
Change Happiness by ammount. Can be negative.


“salary_modifier”: modifier
Change the salary modifier used in salary calculations. Usually ranges from (0.6 – 1.5)
Higher it is more expensivr the wages will be.


“stats_panel” : show
show can be either true or false
“stats_panel” : true, will popup the panel with NPC attributes in conversation
false will hide it

“reveal_top”: show
show can be either true or false
true will undress the NPC. Every piece of clothes.
false will show the clothes again.


“check_for_drugs”: {true:10, false:11}
In the case above:
If drugs are found, jump to step 10 in conversation,
if not jump to step 11.

Usually used in police raids. Does not support finding of a particular drug.


“turn_around”: turn
turn can be either true or false.
If true NPC will turn around and show the back side.
false will reset position back to front


“prolong_carrer”: days
Add days to a retirement date.
Used when approaching retirement to prolong the career.
Used the command at home office only.


“delete_whore”: variant
Delete NPC from your list.


“add_whore” : variant
Adds NPC to the list.
Used when recruiting.
*If you the commannd “player2”:true is present when adding a NPC, the second conversation partner will be added to your list.
Used in cases where you would need to recruit both people.

“pay”: how_much
You pay the specified ammount.


“beaten”: how_long
Main characters become unavailable for the ammount of days defined by how_long.


“add_staff”: variant
Add NPC as a staff member.

“fail”: what_lvl
In modded characters what_lvl can range from 0 to 10
Used when you pick the “wrong” choice in conversation.
You can have more than one fail state in the same stage of conversation.
For example, if you have 4 choices you could put {“fail” : 0} on all of the just to piss off the players.
To calculate the end outcome see next command.

“fail_evaluation”: {“fail_steps”:x, false:10, true:20, }
Usually used in the very last conversation stage.
“fail_steps”:x, where x is a number of failed steps you need to fail the whole thing
“false”:10, if through the conversation you managed to get LESS than x ammount of wrong decision, jump to step 10.
“true”:20, if you fucked up and have x (or more) failed states during the whole conversation, jump to step 20.


The most important command
“sex”: {“location”:”beach”, “scene_type”:”Boy-Girl”, “special”:””}
“location”:”beach”, see below for available locations
“scene_type”:”Boy-Girl”, see below for available types and conditions
“special”:”” – Not available to you, but it must be present. Leave the empty string.

if you add “player2”:true
you’ll have sex with the other NPC (the one on the left)

Available locations:
“barplace”, “beach”, “hospital”, “shower”, “fitness”, “locker_room”, “weightroom”, “car”, “storearea”, “library”,
“classroom”, “privateclub”, “park”, “tattoo”, “jewshop”, “salon”, “pool”, “hotel”, “booth”, “hotelroom”,
“privatebedroom”, “bank_office”, “office”

Available sex scene types:
Gender of participants have to match. You can’t go into FFM if you’re a male and talking to 2 males…

“Solo” – Only if the NPC is a female. Otherwise = crash
“Boy-Girl” – The NPC engaging in sex has to be opposite gender as yourself. Otherwise = crash
“Girl-Girl” – You and the NPC have to be females. Otherwise = crash
“Threesome(FFM)” – If you’re a male, the 2 NPCs have to be female. If you’re a female they have to be opposite gender. Otherwise = crash
“Threesome(MMF)” – If you’re a female, the 2 NPCs have to be male. If you’re a male they have to be opposite gender. Otherwise = crash
“Gangbang” – Female main char option only. Third male will be randomly generated.
“FFFM” – Male main char option only. Third female will be randomly generated.


“statcheck”:{“stat”:”Intellect”, “val”:50, “dynamic”:true, true:9,false:10,}
Used to check your attribute:
“stat”:”Intellect”, Which attribute are you going to compare. See below for avaialble atts.
“val”: 50, the threshold. Your attribute value is compared to this number. Unless…
“dynamic”:true, If you set dynamic to true, it will be compared to the NPC’s attribute -5.
So if you have higher fitness than NPC you can beat him in a fight.

true:10, jump to step 10 if you succced the check
false:20, jump to step 20 if you fail the check

Available Attributes:
“Fitness”, “Intellect”, “Beauty”, “Charisma”, “Sex Skills”
Potentially you could also use “Popularity” or “Happiness”


“favor”: number
Modify conversation favor by the number you provided. Can be negative.
Favor can have an effect on the end success. For example chance for a NPC to be recruited.


“favor_choice”:{true:5, false:10}
The favor % is rolled and you
true:5, jump to step 5 if you succed
false:10, jump to step 10 if you fail


“have_security”:{true:15,false:8, “text”:””}
Check if you have sufficient security. If you do, a choice with provided text will be added to the next step.
“text”:””, Leave an empty string to show the default text (Send security to deal with this) or you can provide your own line

If the choice is pressed
true:15, if you have sufficient security, jump to step 15
false:8, jump to step 8 if you fail


Check if you have a lawyer employed. If you do, a choice will be added to the next step.

If the choice is pressed the success chance is rolled. It depends on your lawyer’s level. Lvl 10 = 99%
true:20, if you succed, jump to step 20
false:40, jump to step 40 if you fail

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