New update v0.61 – Changelog

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0.61 Changelog


Some more female and male haircuts.

Pregnant bodies and some new outfits for preggos.

Different head shapes for more variety.

Few new backgrounds.


-New Studio area with multiple upgradable studios for production of movies. You can assign staff and equipment to them. (Director, camera and lighting are needed if you want to shoot in a studio)

-Male actors. You can only hire them through ads for now.

-Pregnancy event redone. You can now have sex with pregnant chicks, shoot porn and more…

-Bonuses are added to the base not summed together anymore. This means you can train yourself to 30 + all items and reach charisma 40. Same with girls.

-Browse net action changed from popup window to notificaton.

-Staff salaries are cut in half.

-Relaxing in park results in -2 strees, upgrading intellect and fitness no longer increases the stress.

-Girl popuarity has a limit based on her stats. For example low level girl cannot go above 20 points.

-Setting salaries in ads now has some colors which change based on the level/salary. Red price means very low probabilty of geting a reply,

yellow is better, green is around average and blue over. Number of responses are also based on the salary you set. It can also happen you get no mail even if you set the salary way up high.

-Level 5 actors are almost impossible to get via ads unless you overpay.

-Chemistry rewritten. Based on type of scene and partner’s characteristic

-Demo F, FF, FFM and MMF scenes. When studio has status “shooting” you can open the panel and take a look at the scene. It’s only one or two positions per type,

just so it isn’t empty. (FFM coming in 0.7). MF has all positions.

-Some balance tweaks. Everything is a little cheaper and you make slightly more money.

-Delete All mail button.

-Autosaves. At the beginning of each day. Do manual saves nontheless.

-Delete save games button.

+A lot of bugfixes

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  1. Insomniac6

    OK – in 0.6a, I got into a mode where once I upgraded to house level 3, I lost house level 2, even if I bought it again…real downer.

    In 0.6c I can’t find the studio after I start my business.

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