0.71a hotfix

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Devotee class: One of the skills was bugged and crashed the game in some cases.
Outfits: Maid, nurse and red dress were bugged when you removed top and bottom parts.
Production: Unable to assign males to the scene.
Home & production: Stats on special were all shown as 0.

  1. Sev

    Alright buddy. I’ll throw in some bugs for you to handle.

    Website doesn’t give monies at all (if I understand it should give every 30 days from subs?)
    Personal Assistant scheduling porn with same hoe multiple times.
    Having high level hoe is detrimental for profit. Since it doesn’t really scale well. I mean, I have 1000000 fans, but still make pennies.
    90% of the hoe skills serve no purpose. I understand this game is still alpha, but dayum , skill are useless, except for prodigy.
    Bug. If you max one skill at 3. Provided you have at least 4(1 after), you are still given option to undo the skill even after you confirmed . Problem is, the skill stay at 3, but the skill points are returned. Basically all I need is 4 skills to unlock everything.
    Stats for Male whores are not shown properly in overview and in studio/production menu.

    Some ideas.
    Since I played this for 530 days ingame in one go , maybe you should make 9 month pregnancy. And add body change after pregnancy , like. Saggy tiddies., stretch marks. Stuff like that, currently, they been popping them kids like rabbits.

    Anyhow good luck.

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